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GRS Fantasy Park is one of Mysore megacity’s favourite sightseer destinations. It’s a recreation and water demesne for the entire family! Just 15 kilometres drive from the megacity of Mysore, GRS Fantasy Park is spread across a sprawling 35 acres of lush verdure on the Mysore – Bangalore trace.

Mysore’s only Amusement and Water Park, GRS Fantasy Park has served memorable leaves to numerous families and people over the once 18 years. Come enjoy the breathtaking air and exhilarating array of lifts at GRS Fantasy Park. Make your coming vacation the bone you have always pictured about.

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GRS Fantasy Park is a kind of recreation demesne, located about 6 kilometres down from the megacity centre. In a bid of Baliga Investments Pvt. Ltd., the demesne is ideal for both grown-ups and kiddies as there are a number of fun-filled lifts for everyone. Sprawling over an area of 10000 sq ft, Jal Tharang or Wave Pool is the high highlight of the demesne. For an experience analogous to that of ocean swells, this is an ideal place to be. Next is the Dragon’s Den, erected in an area of 60000 sq ft, which takes callers to the Jurassic Age. This particular magnet won the National APT Award in 2003 for being the most innovative lift.

The Red Indian Falls or theme grounded man-made cascade catches the fancy of callers. Witnessing 72000 litres of water falling per nanosecond from a height of 80 bases is truly a sight worth viewing. Keeping the zest alive is the Aqua Tornado that’s a four-setter family pier lift. Other lodestones of the demesne include Pendulum Slide, Amazonia, Lazy River, 5D Virtual Lift, Hawaiian Paradise, Aqua Dance Floor, Snow Sledge and Baby Train, to list a many.

GRS Fantasy Park, Mysore Overview:

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Located just 15 kilometers from Mysore, GRS Fantasy Park is a recreation and water demesne that serves as a quick weekend spin for the people of Mysore and girding municipalities. Set amidst lush green geographies on the Mysore- Bangalore trace, the demesne has served over 13 years. It offers some delightful lifts and conditioning making it a perfect spot for musketeers and families to hang out.

GRS Fantasy Park offers multitudinous thrilling fun lifts and a multipurpose play system for kiddies and grown-ups. Water games and sprat’s pool are the main magnets of the demesne. There are numerous inbuilt games at Amazonia which is an interactive swash. The demesne has installations similar as lockers, changing apartments, cuffs, a gift shop, a theatre and a gift shop.

Within easy reach of Mysore megacity, the GRS Fantasy Park is an accessible destination for families. Spend the day spinning through the air on swing chairpersons, travelling through virtual geographies on a 5D lift, or cooling off on a variety of water slides. Little kiddies can get in on the fun with a play area, a carousel, and a bitsy train.

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·      Dragon’s Den

·      Amazonia

·      Music Bob

·      Columbia

·      Aqua Tornado

·      Aqua Race

·      Pendulum Slide

·      Freefell Crazy Cruise

·      Wavy Crazy Cruise

GRS Fantasy Park - 04



·      Hawaiin Paradise

·      Swing Chair

·      Dashing Car

·      Snow Sledge

·      Float slide

·      Red Indian Falls

·      Jal Tharang (Wave Pool)

·      Aqua Dance Floor

·      Lazy River (Jal Gamini)

·      5D Virtual

·      Telecom bat

·      Rock Climbing

·      Thunder Slide

·      Catapult

·      Multilane Slide

GRS Fantasy Park - 05



·      Carousel

·      Caterpillar

·      Baby Train

·      Mini Aqua Bowl

·      Ramp Slide

·      Play Area

·      Kid’s Pool

·      Aqua Trail

·      Atlantis

Hello Folks, Mysore is famous for its rich culture and heritage in our country. It is one of the peaceful and calm cities. Where the daily life here is, a regular not so busy traffic with a great night homestay. This city is famous for many tourist places. A large number of tourists visit the city every year. The weather is very cool and awesome.
Mysore Zoo is one of the big tourist attractions in the city. It is present at the heart of the city. Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens is one of the biggest zoological gardens in Asia. Mysore Zoo has different types of animals and birds belonging to different countries.
Mysore Zoo is very clean and tidy. It is one of the well-maintained zoos. This Zoo attracts around 3 million people every year. People must avoid plastic bags and plastic bottles inside the Zoo premises.
Mysuru Zoo is very fortunate to continuously acquire some of the exotic species from Foreign Zoos with the Co-ordination of the Central Zoo Authority and other Government Departments.

We find many best restaurants in Mysore for both veg and non-vegetarians. People will enjoy both the cuisine very well in Mysore.

The Brindavan auditorium spreads over 60 acres and is located at a distance of 21 km down from Mysore. Erected across the notable swash of India, River Cauvery, it took around five years to complete the design. The well-accompanied root show with music, voyaging and well-manicured lawn with flowerbeds are some of the top gests of Brindavan Gardens in Mysore.

Constructed in the year 1932 by the Diwan of Mysore, Sir Mirza Ismail, Brindavan Garden is visited by millions of excursionists every year. Divided into two corridors, north and south, the voyaging installation offered by the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation connect the two corridors along with a walkway ground.

Mysore city is known for its rich heritage and prosperous culture in South India. This city is famous for many heritage buildings and sculptures. The city will be overcrowded with people during the world-famous Dasara festival. As it is a heritage city, we can explore many heritage places within the city. One such historical and heritage place is Devaraja Market, which is present in the heart of the Mysore city. This is one of the oldest markets in India.
People folks across the market can find various items like fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, sandalwood products, essential oils, and many more. Tourists can get an idea of the market lifestyle in Mysore. This is a well-known place in Mysore city. This market gets its name from the Maharaja Dodda Devaraja Wodeyar. The Devaraja Market is divided into many categories and You will find many varieties of products.

Karanji Lake or the “Fountain Lake” is a lake which is located in the city of Mysore, Karnataka in India. This lake is surrounded by a nature park which includes a butterfly park with a walk-through aviary. This aviary is considered to be the biggest walk-through aviary in the country.

The Lake is very close to the iconic Mysore Palace. It is located near the footsteps of Chamundi hills and behind the Zoo (Mysuru). The word Karanji refers to or means “Fountain”. Karanji Lake Mysore is one of the best places to visit on your trip here. They provide a boating facility at the lowest prices and also a great place for photography.

Mysuru or (Mysore) is the second-largest city in the state of Karnataka, India. The name Mysore is an altered version of Mahishuru, which means the residence of Mahisha. Mahisha stands for Mahishashura, a demon from Hindu mythology. Mysore is always mesmerized its tourist with the rich heritage and holy temples. 

The KRS Dam is itself a beauty and the storage of the water is considered to be called the KRS Backwaters. It will be full during the rainy season. This is also considered to be a great picnic spot for all travel lovers and peace seekers.

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Things to Know Before You Go:

  • The demesne offers two-point cuffs, as well as an ice-cream pavilion and snack booths outside food, which isn’t allowed.
  • Storage spaces are available with a refundable deposit.
  • The water in the water-grounded lodestones is refreshed hourly, to maintain good hygiene.
  • Kiddies under 3 enter for free.
  • For a quick trip, take advantage of blinked tickets after 330 pm.
  • The demesne offers on-point parking.
  • Some corridors of the demesne are wheelchair accessible.

GRS Snow Park

GRS Fantasy Park - 06

The GRS Snow Park (which is combined with the GRS Fantasy Park) offers a welcome place to cool down in hot and sticky Mysore. Get into snowball fights, swoop down slides, slip around on inflatable rings, and enjoy Arctic scenery, all at temperatures as low as 14 degrees F(- 10 C). Upon appearance, callers are given snow thrills and warm jackets to cover them from the cold wave. The two premises occasionally offer combination tickets for families looking to witness both spots.















  • Address: Off, KRS Rd, Metagalli, Mysuru, Karnataka 570016, India

  • Timings: Sunday: 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM,

    Monday – Saturday: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM

  • Time Required: 3-5 hours

  • Ticket Prices Entry fee before 3:30 PM:

    Adults (above 4’6″ in height): INR 699

    Children (3′ to 4’6″ in height): INR 599

    Infants (below 3′): Free

    Senior Citizens (above 65 years): INR 449

  • Entry fee after 3:30 PM:

    Adults (above 4’6″ in height): INR 549

    Children (3′ to 4’6″ in height): INR 449

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