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Mylari Dosa Mysore

The authentic place to have a Mylari dosa is Hotel Original Vinayaka Mylari, where this medication for the tastebuds was created numerous decades ago. Supposedly, there are numerous hospices and caffs that go by the same or analogous names and hence you have to be careful if you wish to have the true Mylari Dosa Mysore

Put away down amidst small lanes in the Nazarbad neighborhood of Mysore is this bitsy hotel with a green board. You can find the place fluently on Google Charts, Zomato, etc. and once you’re there, you’ll notice signs saying old and original Vinayaka Mylari Dosa.

Mylari Dosa Mysore 03 - Pile of Dosa

The entrance is simple and the place is indeed simpler with seating for about 10 people, a cashier section, a marshland section and a kitchen. Generally, everyone goes then for the Mylari Dosa, but the hotel also serves plain dosa, idlis and pipeline hot sludge coffee. 

Service is a bit slow or can say moderate, but all that stay turns into a big smile when you see the hotel staff carry a mammoth number of Mylari dosa plates neatly piled one on top of the other. Since the Mylari Dosa is the most famous order, the hotel will keep on serving them till you say enough. 

And later each that crisp caloric dosas and a glass of sludge coffee and you can make your way to one of the numerous lodestones of Mysore megacity.


Mylari Dosa Mysore 04 - Arranged neatly

They vend or serve around 200 idlis on a single good day, and on the weekend up to 300. Having heard important about its rival item still, people order themselves a couple of plates of dosa. The dosas, round and folded over themselves in half, come with adulation on top, white chutney on the side( and if the masala variant, also with onion and potato filling outside).

They’re done impeccably well and are so soft on the inside that you’d be tempted to liken the dish. After finishing one, you can call for one more, and after finishing that, yet another.

Mylari Dosa Mysore 02 - Picture of Dosa

In malignancy of its fissionability, the Mylari Dosa is not so easy to track down in Mysore. A combination of hoaxers, fake signs and misdirection’s from Google Charts make the hunt particularly complex. Ultimately, still, when you see a plate of the most succulent adulation dosa coming towards your table, all’s forgiven and seems right with the world.

In the neighborhood of Nazarbad with bitsy lanes and indeed bitty shops, the difficulty in locating this one shop is unsurprising. The colored walls blend into one another, and at least three compete or claim to be the original hotel Mylari Mysore. 

Follow our map below suggested, and you’ll no way end up at the wrong place. Then goes the original Vinayaka Mylari has a green sign with the words ‘the Old Original Hotel Vinayaka Mylari’ published in red. It occupies the corner of a structure, coming to the Giri Stationery store, and is closed on Wednesdays only.

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More about Mylari Dosa Mysore...

Mylari Dosa Mysore 05 - Edlis and dosa together

“This chain was established 25 Years ago by my grandmother,” says Usha Rani, who now runs the place (Hotel Mylari Dosa Mysore), and is generally known as the friendly face at the counter. When you ask her what she likes to eat then, she tells us, rather matter-of-factly, “I can have 3- 4 masala dosas in one go.

The timings at Mylari dosa Mysore hotel works on an unusual way, with it being shut during high lunch hour’s at 1.30 pm and continuing again at 3 pm. But those who value their idlis being soft and dosas caloric will switch their other reflections around to accommodate this taste to the tounge.

Mysore is a city located in the Southern part of India which is rich in its culture and heritage. It is also known for being one of the best places for best restaurants in Mysore, having flavourful and delicious dishes in South India. Most of the dishes are rice-based like biriyani, palav, rice-bath, and other rice recipes. People can find many traditional dishes restaurants as well as multi-cuisine restaurants.

We find many best restaurants in Mysore for both veg and non-vegetarians. People will enjoy both the cuisine very well in Mysore.

Idli Sambar Chutney is a quick, tasty and easy-cooking South Indian Breakfast combination. This can either be served as a combination of dip i.e., Idli with Sambar or can be eaten with Idli and Chutney or sometimes the combination of all three. The idli is a fluffy rice product whereas the chutney is made from coconut, which then creates an amazing flavour in the mouth leading to a splendid taste in the buds. Follow the full guide to prepare this amazing combination of Idli Sambar Chutney.

Mylari Dosa Mysore 01 - Hotel Picture

The team here at Mylari Dosa Mysore hotel is well planned for preparing food and deliverables. They never leave messy or leave any issues to be talked upon. The team when closing down for the session always tends to plan for the next session. This leaves them special and tasty as well. Nevertheless, the tasty and yummy mouthwatering Mylari Dosa Mysore tends to leave the one speechless.


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  • Mylari Dosa Mysore, 769 Nazarbad Main Road, Shop No. 79 | Near Police Station, Mysore 570010, India.
  • Timings: 6 AM – 1:30 PM, 3 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Wednesdays holiday

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