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Mysore Airport additionally mentioned as the Mandakalli Airport is an airport serving Mysore, a town within the side of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is placed just about the village of Mandakalli, 10 km south of the city, and is owned and operated with the aid of using by the Airports Authority of India

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Mysore Airport History:

Chartered flights were working because the airport turned decommissioned. Kingfisher Airlines scheduled day-by-day flights to Mysore between October 2010 and November 2011. SpiceJet started flights connecting Mysore to Chennai, via Bangalore on 14 January 2013. In September 2017, TruJet started nonstop flights from Chennai to Mysore. The carrier turned into delivered as a part of the central government’s Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik plan (UDAN), which aims to increase air connectivity between the smaller cities and towns of India. As of December 2020, 7 flights are fabricated with 14 fluctuations from Mysore Airport. Mysore airport has streamlined flights to Bangalore, Belagavi, Chennai, Goa, Hyderabad, and Mangalore.

Mysore Airport is also inhabited ate as Mandakalli Airport. Mysore airport distributed the city from all major airports of the nation. It is situated around 12 km away from the city. This is a small air terminal with continuous operations. The runway in Mysore was raised in the year of 1948. Only ATR (the Compact aircraft) operate from the Mysore airport. The presentation of international flights from the airport was made in the year 2206 as the nearest international airport to the city of Mysore is the Bangalore international airport.

Mysore Airport Terminals:

Mysore at present has only a single terminal which feeds the domestic needs and associates all the major cities of India through various periodic flights. Mysore is the closest domestic airport interfacing it with major cities of India, like Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai. The terminal has the capacity to provide lodgings for 200 passengers. The terminal is well furnished with all the required amenities. The popular flights that can be taken from here for the journey are Kingfisher Airlines, Air India, and Indigo 6E, Jet Airways / Jetlite.

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Facilities at Mysore Airport:

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Baggage Services: Passengers at the Mysore airport get baggage services to easily carry their luggage. The baggage services are quite good and quick which helps the passengers to travel worry-free. The luggage remains safe in the trolleys as they are specially made for carrying heavy luggage.

Places to Shop and Eat: Passengers at the airport will find N numbers of stores to shop and eat. Some of the stores that can be easily found are bookstall, medicine stores, juice and snacks corners, magazine stalls, etc.

Duty-Free Shopping: People at this airport can buy products from various stores. The products of the stores are convenient at affordable charges without any taxes. Passengers will surely get perfect assistance to shop for things they need.

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Connectivity with the City (Bus & Railway Station):

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Bus: The distance between the bus stand to the Mysore airport is around 52 km. Folks can take taxis and cabs from outside the Mysore airport to reach the bus stand easily as it is at a reachable distance. Frequent service buses are available at the Mysore bus stand. One will take public or luxury buses to reach the destination well.

Rail: At Mysore railway station, passengers can take various trains as it is well connected with all the major cities of India. The schedule of the trains is well perpetuate so passengers can timely reach their desired destination.

Mysore Airport Authority:

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Mysore airport authority deals with every single action of the airport. The activities incorporate checking services, security services, flight schedules, accommodation of passengers, cargo and custom services amongst others. The authority in addition attempts to give all the essential comfort to the travellers.

Mysore Airport Details

Airport CodeMYQ
Flight stats codeMYQ
Latitude / Longitude12.229971/76.655856

Mysore Airport Address: NH 216, Mandakalli, Mysore, Karnataka – 571311

Mysore Airport Phone: 0821 259 6802

Mysore Airport Flight Timing Schedule

Alliance Air Daily Flights

 Flight NoDepartureTime (IST)ArrivalTime (IST)
AI 9881Hyderabad13:15Mysore14:55
AI 9881Mysore15.:25Goa16:55
AI 9882Goa17:25Mysore18:55
AI 9882Mysore19:30Hyderabad21:15

Alliance Air Flights All Days except Tuesday

 Flight NoDepartureTime (IST)ArrivalTime (IST)
AI 9505Bangalore9:00Mysore10:00
AI 9505Mysore10:25Cochin11:25
AI 9506Cochin15:30Mysore16:30
AI 9506Mysore16:55Mangalore17:55

Alliance Air Flights only on Tuesday

 Flight NoDepartureTime (IST)ArrivalTime (IST)
AI 9505Bangalore6:40Mysore7:40
AI 9505Mysore8:10Cochin9:10
AI 9506Cochin13:25Mysore14:25
AI 9506Mysore14:55Bangalore16:00

Alliance Air Flights only on Tuesday

Flight NoDepartureTime (IST)ArrivalTime (IST)
AI 9531Bangalore15:40Mysore16:40
AI 9531Mysore17:10Cochin18:10
AI 9534Cochin18:35Mysore19:35
AI 9534Mysore20:00Bangalore20:55

Indigo Airlines Daily Flights

Flight NoDepartureTime (IST)ArrivalTime (IST)
6E 7921Hyderabad13:45Mysore15:35
6E 7237Mysore15:55Chennai17:20
6E 7238Chennai17:55Mysore19:30
6E 7922Mysore19:50Hyderabad21:30

Indigo Airlines Flights – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Flight NoDeparture Time (IST)ArrivalTime(IST)
6E 7189Hubli 17:05Mysore18:05
6E 7191Mysore18:25Hubli19:40

Hey folks, This Maharaja Palace(Mysore Palace) in Mysore is world-famous. It attracts tourists from all over the world. The famous Mysore Palace or the Amba Vilas Palace is the royal residence in Mysore. It’s is the home of the Mysore Royal Family, The Wodeyar Dynasty. 

It’s present in the southern state of India in Karnataka. You can see the palace in the heart of Mysore city. The city is about 140 km from the state capital, Banglore. Mysore city is also known as the cultural capital of Karnataka.

“Choo Choo, All Aboard! The next stop is – The Railway Museum, Mysore. Wait a minute, Where is Railway Museum?” – the most often raised question of all the folks visiting the city for the first time.

Follow the full guide to see what the place is about and how fun a visit here can be. This is a full guide – where we try to cover all the aspects to know before the visit, and few tips to keep you excited.

I am very excited to show you around the Railway Museum. the Museum has an amazing collection of vintage locomotives.

This page was last updated on 20 June 2022. To our knowledge, the information on this page was correct at the time of publication. Flight timings will vary and change at short notice and over time. Kindly recheck the timings with the concerned airlines before planning your travel.


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