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Karanji Lake

Karanji Lake or the “Fountain Lake” is a lake which is located in the city of Mysore, Karnataka in India. This lake is surrounded by a nature park which includes a butterfly park with a walk-through aviary. This aviary is considered to be the biggest walk-through aviary in the country.

The Lake is very close to the iconic Mysore Palace. It is located near the footsteps of Chamundi hills and behind the Zoo (Mysuru). The word Karanji refers to or means “Fountain”. Karanji Lake Mysore is one of the best places to visit on your trip here. They provide a boating facility at the lowest prices and also a great place for photography.

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The Mysore ruler originally constructed the Lake not for sightseeing purposes. Its prior intention was to serve as central multi utility percolation water tank to the city. It was earlier used as the main source of drinking water for the residents and also used for washing utensils and bath.

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The lake is total of 90 acres in which the water spread to around 55 acres has now been handed over to Mysore Zoo in the year 1976. So, Mysore Zoo since then is responsible for the maintenance of the Lake. One of the great attractions in the park is the butterfly park. The Lake is also home for more then 150 species of birds.

There is a giant fountain which splashes water to a 40 feet height is a sight to be aware of and one of the main attractions.

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The lake is opened for the locals in the early morning for walks. However, the paid sessions start from Morning around 8:30 for entries. The lake is suitable for long walks and to hang out with friends or family or partners.

There is cycle provided at the entry of the Lake in which you can take a ride around the lake for a minimal fare. The rates are based on hourly usage of the cycles Rs.50/-. For all the nature enthusiasts and fitness freaks out there, this is the top place for you guys to take ride on the wheels around the park with ease.

Lingabudi Lake stands first in terms of uproariousness entirely due to its position skirting growing capability. Lingabudi Lake is an imperishable brackish lake positioned in the receptacle of River Cauvery. From its construction in 1828 until the late 1980s, Lingabudi Lake was a typical villa lake in the pastoral surroundings of the megacity of Mysore.

Now, this lake is close to a domestic area called Srirampura. The lake was serving earlier as a source of drinking water, irrigation, and fish yield; and also as a point for washing clothes and cattle; and as a place of religious deification for the people of Lingabudi Palya, a vill in the vicinity of the lake.

A town of palaces, humans and smells, the princely metropolis of Mysore is well worth a go to something the month or season. Mysore is a dream town that in no way lets down the traffic with its clean, mild and easygoing environment. Places to visit in Mysore in one day overview, highlighting it is cultural traditions. Mysore is nicely linked thru avenue and rail networks with different components of Karnataka and India.

Steeped in tradition, Mysore is positioned at the epicentre of Indian history, culture, and timeless elegance. The metropolis of Mysore, as soon as the capital of the former Mysore state, is now the cultural and visitor core of the multiplied Karnataka State.

The Kukkarahalli Lake was created/made in the year 1864. It was created during the times of Mammadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar for the purpose of providing water for irrigation outside the city.

Kukralli Lake is a beautiful and calm place inside the Heritage City. This place is very much suitable for early morning or evening walks. Kukralli Lake is certainly home to many activities. If you visit the place, your eyes will capture a lot of young generation jogging and sweating out, aged people walking, and Nature Lovers just sitting and enjoying the ambiance.

The place certainly is a catch for the Nature Photographers out there. The lens will never fail to capture the sight which amuses the man kind. There will be Photo exhibits as well every now and then during the open hours of Kukralli lake.

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A special note to keep in mind, boating is the most happening event on the lake. But however, it is not available throughout the year as it depends on the quantity of water in the lake.

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What is special about karanji Lake?

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  • Karanji Lake has more than 40 species of butterflies.
  • The lake also has around 150 species of birds and its atmosphere suits their stay and breed.
  • A picnic spot for families.
  • Boating (paddling boats) is available at a reasonable price.
  • There is a water fountain in the Karanji Lake which is amazing to watch.
  • Best place for an amazing photoshoot.

How much time is needed to visit the lake?

The lake requires an average time of around 1-2 hours to cover the main places inside.

What is the best time to visit the Karanji Lake?

Karanji lake Mysore 08

The best time to visit the Karanji Lake is in the winters. The pleasant sound of the bird chirps and the weather just gives out an amazing nature experience.

The amazing Mornings ranging in the month of September to January would be the best time to visit here.

Fun Things to do at Karanji Lake:

Karanji lake Mysore 07
  • Boating
  • Sightseeing
  • Relaxing
  • Photography
  • Take a walk
  • Play with kids
  • Enter the butterfly garden
  • Cycling Etc.


  • Restrooms/ washrooms for visitors are in the parking lot of the Lake.
  • A “children’s corner” is installed recently, wherein you can engage your toddlers just in case.
  • Wheelchairs are available for the disabled/handicapped.

Timings, Entree Fee and Contact


8.30 AM to 5.30 PM (Except Tuesdays)

Note: Karanji Lake remains closed on Tuesdays.

Entry Fee:

  • Adults: Rs.10.00
  • Children (5–15 years): Rs.05.00
  • Senior Citizen Rs.05.00
  • Children (Below 5 years): Free
  • Still Camera Rs.10.00
  • Video Camera Rs.25.00

    Contact: 0821-2439862

Boating Fare

  • Adults: Rs.25.00 Each
  • Children: Rs.15.00 each

How to Reach:

By Air Closest Airports:
Mysore Airport to Karanji Lake: 11.6 KM
Bangalore Airport to Karanji Lake: 207 KM

By Train:
Mysore Railway Station: 3.9 KM

By Road:
Distance (From Sub Urban Bus Stand): 2.6 KM

Nearby Attractions

  • Lingabudi Lake
  • Amba Villas or the Mysore Palace
  • Sri Chamarajendra Zoo Gardens
  • Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum
  • Philomena’s Church
  • Railway Museum Mysore
  • Kukkarahali Lake
  • Jaganmohan Palace


How to Reach:

By Air Closest Airports:
Mysore Airport to Karanji Lake: 11.6 KM
Bangalore Airport to Karanji Lake: 207 KM

By Train:
Mysore Railway Station: 3.9 KM

By Road:
Distance (From Sub Urban Bus Stand): 2.6 KM

Note: Please make sure not to carry too many plastic disposables inside the Karanji Lake as it is prohibited. Make sure to keep the premises clean and preserve the property for future generations.


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