Top 5 Street Shopping Places at Mysore

Mysore Shopping Places

Mysore is a legacy city situated in the southern part of India. Mysore is famous for its heritage buildings, culture, and tradition and attracts tourists from all over the world. It is likewise one of the cleanest urban communities in India. Mysore Shopping Places will be filled with people during Dasara season.

Mysore also has many shopping centres inside the city premises. The shopping starts on the streets of Mysore city and also has big malls selling branded items. Mysore is famous for silk sarees, handmade crafts, sandalwood products, and much more. Street shopping also has a wide variety of items and products.

Sayyaji Rao Road :

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One of the best places in Mysore to go for street shopping is Sayyagi Rao Road. Mysore Shopping Places road is present at the heart of the city. People get clothes, shoes, dresses, wallets, bags, and other household materials at a reasonable price. Especially for girls, one can find a wide variety of collections here. One can find a lot of small shops on this street. You can also find stalls and shops on the crosses also. People get dresses and sarees at a wholesale price, but one must be ready to bargain.

One will be surprised to get dresses and other products at a lower price lesser than the MRP. People who have planned for a low budget can go shopping here. There are many old shops on this street giving dress materials at a very low price. There is a huge collection of college bags, wallets, small bags, fancy items, etc.

People can find more stalls on the crosses as well. Mysore Shopping Places shops provide quality material at a very low price. Daily use clothes, slippers, shoes, bedsheets etc are available at a low price.

Devaraja Market :

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Mysore Shopping Places is also present at the heart of Mysore city. This place is not only famous for fruits and vegetables but also known for fancy or decoration products. One can find trendy jewellery and cosmetics at a wholesale price. Girls have many buying options in this market. One can find beautiful bangles, earrings, necklaces, and other makeup sets at a very low price. One needs to bargain with the vendors to get the products at a low price and a wholesale price.

You can also find good refreshments shops in the market. One can eat or drink some snacks and continue their shopping here. Mysore Shopping Places takes around 2 to 3 hours to look around at the complete market. People will be crowded during festivals and public holidays. Prices will gradually increase during festival seasons. One can find many sweet shops and cafes in this place. You can enjoy tasty sweets while shopping in the market.

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Meena Bazaar:

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This place is also famous for street shopping. The Meena Bazaar is located close to St.Philomena church. This market is present in Mandi Mohalla. Mysore Shopping Places offers good quality products and items at a very low price. This place gives more shopping options for girls. One can find kurta, bangles, small fancy bags, crockery shops, and fancy centres in this bazaar. Boys can find different varieties of jeans, shirts, shoes, and a lot of trendy items in this bazaar. People can also shop for babies like dresses, toys, and baby care products.

One can taste some of the snacks like samosa, pakoda, fresh juices, and other traditional dishes on the streets. There will be a lot of non-vegetarian restaurants open during the evenings. People can also enjoy street food as well. Mysore Shopping Places will be crowded during the Ramzan festival. People can do more shopping and get good discounts during this season. Most of the stalls and shops sell the products at a very low wholesale price. You can spend a very good time with your loved ones.

Ashoka Road:

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Mysore Shopping Places has a lot of small retailers and street vendors. One can find all kinds of Textiles, Ready-mades, and Cotton Textiles. One can also shop for Fancy Sarees, and Pure silk sarees are available. People will get Branded Quality products at reasonable rates. You can shop for construction-related products at a very cheap price.

Hardware shops sell the goods at a very low price. There are many gold and silver traders, where one can buy gold and silver at wholesale price. People can find chat centres and fast food shops towards the end of the road. One can enjoy chats and tasty street food after shopping here.

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