Mysore Exhibition | Dasara Exhibition

About Mysore Exhibition | Dasara Exhibition:

This place goes live after Dasara and the fair generally lasts for many months after Dussera. The crowd scullers are all those booths dealing anything from toys to plastic goods to clothes to fashion accessories to kitchen implements and of course, the crowd eventually settles at those open-air food stalls one finds as the necessary homestretch of any expositions or exhibitions in Mysore.

The Mysore Exhibition ground is relatively sprawling that demands a good deal of walking. At the extreme end is the recreation section with giant buses, toy trains etc. On the way, you would cross belvederes set up by many government departments and associations. The quality of the displays varies. Some of them are well planned and worth the time spent.

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The cube by the sericulture department is both instructional and practical. This is located before the recreation area mentioned over. The whole process of making silk, right from the live silkworms of colourful age and the tools used in the assiduity is on display. What’s more, the yard of the kiosk is planted with mulberry shops, the splint of which is silkworm food. The state archaeological department also has an endless kiosk towards the northeast part of the exhibition grounds. On the display are the archaeological vestiges, substantially busts of images and also a good deal of photos of monuments.

During the initial weeks, all the stalls and belvederes are yet to be set up. And during the ending weeks, they start dismembering. The ideal time is the medial of the exhibition season, that’s generally numerous weeks after Dasara. The gloamings are crowded especially at the weekends. Since it’s an open ground affair, it’s stylishly and enjoyed after the evening.


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Another major magnet during Dasara is the Dasara / Mysore Exhibition which is held on the exhibition grounds opposite the Mysore Palace. The Mysore Exhibition was started by the Maharaja of Mysore Chamaraja Wodeyar X in 1880 with the sole end of introducing timely developments to the people of Mysore. The Karnataka Exhibition Authority (KEA) is now responsible for organizing the Mysore Exhibition.

The exhibition begins during Dasara and runs until December. Colourful booths which vend particulars like clothes, plastic particulars, kitchenware, cosmetics and eatables are set up and they attract a significant number of people. A play area containing lodestones like a Ferris wheel is also present to give entertainment to the people. Colourful Governmental agencies set up stalls to signify the achievements and systems that they’ve accepted.

Every time, Mysore Exhibition is held as part of the Nada Habba. Still, sorely, the medications are not way on time. There’s hardly a time when the Expo has opened along with the inception of the ten-day Dasara fests. This has been passed in malignancy of the fact that a separate Karnataka Exhibition Authority (KEA) has been set up. This shows the maximum lack of planning as the callers are saluted with empty booths indeed after the Dasara fests are over.

Everyone wonders why the Ministers and the functionaries concerned in charge of the Mysore Exhibition don’t follow the model left behind by the quondam Mysore Royal Family .R. Raja Chandra, the son-in-law of late Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar, the last sovereign of Mysore, has gone down the memory lane digging into the history when the Mysore Exhibition was first held in 1888 and how it converted over the times.

In October 1888 during the Dasara fests, an Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition was held for the first time in Mysore and was opened by the Maharaja Chamarajendra Wadiyar on the 16th of the same month. The Mysore Exhibition was held in the Gordon Park (present University of Mysore Athletic Tracks), a prominent point having been named interior between the New Public services (DC Office) and the Oriental Library( Oriental Research Institute – ORI). Still, there has not been important information about such an event held during posterior times.

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45- Day ‘Besige Mela ’ At Dasara Expo Grounds From moment:

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Medications are on for a 45- day ‘ Besige Mela- 2022 ‘( Summer Mysore Exhibition) at Dasara Exhibition Grounds in the megacity starting from the moment( May 4). Karnataka Exhibition Authority (KEA) chairman. Hemanth Kumar Gowda will inaugurate the exhibition this evening at5.30. Tickets are priced at Rs. 30 for grown-ups and Rs. 20 for children.

The Melody World Wax Museum Mysore is aptly named Melody World in the norm. The gallery fascinates callers through its display of colorful musical instruments in intriguing settings, replete with life-size wax statues of musicians playing the musical instruments.

Since the gallery is grounded on music and musical instruments it reflects the different kinds of musical instruments that have been in use across colorful corridors of the country and the world since ancient times. 

This is a one-of- it’s a kind wax gallery in the whole world. The gallery was established in October 2010 by a Bengaluru-grounded IT professional named Shreeji Bhaskaran. It was created as a homage to musicians from all over the world.

The Kukkarahalli Lake was created/made in the year 1864. It was created during the times of Mammadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar for the purpose of providing water for irrigation outside the city.

Mysuru is a peaceful and calm city. Where the daily life here is, a regular not so busy traffic with a great night home stay with food with family kind of atmosphere. Mysore is also known as the Heritage City for the rich ancient life of living. The city is very peaceful during the early mornings and much more pleasant towards the evening or end of the day.

Children’s Day Out:

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The scene was no different at the Mysore Exhibition Grounds. The free entry to children up to 14 times saw children in high spirits as they were given biscuit packets going Rs. 5. The Karnataka Exhibition Authority (KEA) had bought 500 biscuit packets and 200 barrels of 20- litre water to distribute. KEA ChairmanB. Siddaraju and CEO Shashikumar was seen supervising the entry of children

There was a bevvy of exertion this morning in the megacity as children celebrated Children’s Day, flashing back Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of the country, on his 128th birth anniversary.

The Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens popularly called Mysore Zoo and the Mysore Exhibition Grounds saw an ocean of children as authorities at both the places had blazoned free access to the demesne like every time.

As part of Children’s Day, for the first time, the Tourism Department had organised ‘Heritage Bicycle Lift,’ in association with ‘Namma Nimma Cycle Foundation’ and District Administration. Meanwhile, Kalis Foundation had arranged commerce for children with the inheritor of the Mysore royal family Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar at the Mysore Palace.

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Food Mela in Mysore Dasara exhibition:

Mysore Exhibition | Dasara Exhibition - 05

Aahara Mela (Food Mela), coordinated by Janaspandana Trust with the topic ‘Namma Ooru, Namma Ruchi’ at Chikkamma Niketana Kalyana Mantap in Kuvempunagar, has been extended till dec. 24.

Before it was decided to conclude history still, as numerous are flocking the venue and with demand from the public, the Food Mela has been extended, said former MLAM.K. Somashekar, who heads Janaspandana Trust.

The KEA had, on Jun. 19, blazoned that in order to make the Doddakere Maidan into a major sightseer magnet with a host of conditioning; it’s organizing a 14- day Food Mela from Feb. 10 to Feb. 23. The KEA had hoped to elicit a good response from both excursionists and original people for the Food Mela. Consequently, the ‘A Block’ of the grounds was fixed as the venue.

The KEA had grand plans to have separate sections for Karavali dishes, Malenadu delectables, North Karnataka cookery, ethnical food including the notorious Bamboo Biryani and original food kinds including Ragi Mudde and other particulars. “We want to provide a platform for vendors to sell food to attract tourists, and we want to have around 80 to 90 stalls,” he said, adding to numerous merchants in big cities about setting up stalls but have there been any Answers.

Special Exhibit to Make Up For Mysore Exhibition:

Mysore Exhibition | Dasara Exhibition - 06
  • 66- day circus with shopping, food booths, and recreation from the coming week
  • Entry figure Rs. 30 for grown-ups Rs. 20 for children; parking figure redundant

Mysore/ Mysore to compensate profit loss incurred two times (2020 & 2021) owing to the on-conduct of the periodic Mysore Exhibition due to low-crucial fest and as a crowd-control measure, the Karnataka Exhibition Authority (KEA) is set to organize a ‘special exhibit’ at the Mysore Exhibition Grounds from coming week and medications are on in full swing.

People are wearied as there isn’t important entertainment and shopping conditioning in Mysore after a low- crucial Dasara and also, there has been no profit for KEA and as similar, we’ve come up with this plan,” KEA Chairman Hemanth Kumar Gowda told SOM this morning. Grown-ups entering the exhibition will be charged Rs. 30 and children between 5 times and 12 times will be charged Rs. 20. The last time Annual Mysore Exhibition was held in the year 2019.


·       Address:

Mysuru Dasara Exhibition Ground, 1117, Tank Bund Rd, Indira Nagar, Ittige Gudu, Mysuru, Karnataka 570010.


·       Opening Hours:

Monday, 4–11 pm

Tuesday, 4–9 pm

Wednesday, 4 pm–8:45 am

Thursday, 4–9 pm

Friday, 4–9 pm

Saturday, 4–11 pm

Sunday, 1:30–10 pm

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