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Are you a Bird Watcher? A Runner? Fitness Freak? A Nature Lover? If you are all above then this place is picture-perfect for you.

Kukkarahalli Lake History

The Kukkarahalli Lake was created/made in the year 1864. It was created during the times of Mammadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar for the purpose of providing water for irrigation outside the city.

Mysuru is a peaceful and calm city. Where the daily life here is, a regular not so busy traffic with a great night home stay with food with family kind of atmosphere. Mysore is also known as the Heritage City for the rich ancient life of living. The city is very peaceful during the early mornings and much more pleasant towards the evening or end of the day.

Kukralli Lake is a beautiful and calm place inside the Heritage City. This place is very much suitable for early morning or evening walks. Kukralli Lake is certainly home to many activities. If you visit the place, your eyes will capture a lot of young generation jogging and sweating out, aged people walking, and Nature Lovers just sitting and enjoying the ambiance.

The place certainly is a catch for the Nature Photographers out there. The lens will never fail to capture the sight which amuses the man kind. There will be Photo exhibits as well every now and then during the open hours of Kukralli lake.

Kukkarahalli Lake Ticket Price:

Kukkarahalli Lake - Kukralli Lake 03

The Kukkarahalli Lake is open during the Mornings and Evenings for certain parts of the day, and the entry is totally free of cost.

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Kukkarahalli Lake One Round Distance:

Kukkarahalli Lake - Kukralli Lake 04

The Kukralli lake has a beautiful round a path to walk upon. The walk is equivalent to approx. 4.5 KM and can be covered in 1 hour on an average/ 2 hours Max.

Note: There are rock benches and sitting areas constructed all across the walking path for visitors to sit, relax and enjoy the scenic serenity of the Kukkarahalli Lake.

Fun Fact: The Lake is J-Shaped from the aerial view spreading across more than 150 acres 

Bird Watching:

Bird watching was one of the main attractions during the early times of the Lake. More than 10,000 – 15,000 migratory birds use to visit the lake during winter to roost. In recent times the number has come down to 2,000. They breed on the isolated island located at the center of the lake.

The birds now found in the Kukkarahalli Lake are spot-billed pelicans, little cormorant, Eurasian spoonbills, black-crowned night herons, painted storks, openbill storks, and Oriental darters.

Bhu Varaha Swamy Temple Kallahalli is located in a bitsy vill named Kallahalli on the banks of swash Hemavati. This is one of the most famous places near Mysore. The tabernacle is devoted to the third manifestation of Lord Vishnu. 

It must be either a godly intervention or that we Indians have started tracing back our rich heritage and culture that has bought this tabernacle to its present light and glory. This tabernacle is devoted to the third manifestation of Lord Vishnu, the Varaha swamy or the wild boar form.

The Venugopala Swami Temple situated at Hosa Kannambadi, close to Krishna Raja Sagara, is an illustration of Hoysala engineering in Karnataka, India. This sanctuary was inherent in the twelfth century AD around a similar time as the Chennakesava Temple at Somanathapura, Mysore locale.

Children’s Park:

There is a children’s park inside the premises of lake equipped with slides, swings, rope and bar activities. Kids can certainly have great loads of fun at the park, while you can have a great time on your fitness routine.

Gym Equipment’s:

There are fitness equipment’s equipped inside the Kukkarahalli Lake premises right next to children’s play area. You can go loosen yourself with some stretches and great push-ups. Fitness never goes out of style – so an advice to all generation – it’s never too late to start working on your fitness routine and be focused on health.

Organic Juice:

Near the entrance gates of the Lake, it is never a bad idea to taste the organic juices sold for a minimal fare. The herbal drinks made out of the forest branches and few sweet barley juices will defiantly had a lot of value to your health and life style. Must recommendation from the TBI – health is wealth and go for it. 

Morning Breakfast:

After an amazing walk around the lake, having breakfast at home is the next great thing. There is a local street food truck that serves delicious Dosa, Idli, Vada, Bath, etc., which is a must-try if you are new to the routine. The food truck is pretty famous locally and has been interviewed on television as well.

Mysore Kaapi is a good place to have a great cup of coffee, post breakfast.  They are aligned close to each other.

Kukkarahalli Lake Location

The Kukkarahalli Kere (Kukkarahalli Lake) is located in the center of the city. It adjoins the Manasa Gangotri (University of Mysuru), the Kalamandira, and CFTRI, Mysuru.

Kukkrahalli Lake Timings

Morning: 5 AM – 10 AM
Evening: 4 PM – 8 PM

Note: Getting out of the park before the dark is a great idea, as there is a lag in the installation of lights inside the Lake.

Entry Gates:

There are several Get in points to the Kukkrahalli lake (approx. 3 in number or collectively).  One at the University side near the Mysore Cricket Stadium, one at the Saraswathi Puram signal, and the other one towards the railway gates or Kalamandir road.

Vehicle Parking:

Parking is not an issue; all 3 gates are equipped with great parking space. Where the vehicles will be safe while you are enjoying the ambience at the Lake.

Nandini Diary:

There is a dairy that serves milk, butter, buttermilk, badam mix shakes, peda, etc. This one is near the railway gate entry point close to the main road.

Note to all our readers:
Kukkrahalli lake is a public place and please try to keep it clean and help preserve it for our future generations. Maintain disciplinary actions when inside the Lake, which can potentially discomfort other people around. Thank you.

Things to Know:

  • Duration: 1 – 2 hours
  • Bird Spotting: Yes
  • Parking: Yes
  • Drinking-Water: Yes
  • Snacks Counter: Yes
  • Couple Friendly: Yes
  • Baby-Friendly: Yes
  • Restroom Available: Yes
  • Sitting Area: Yes
  • Children’s Play Area: Yes
  • Boating: No
  • Lake: Yes
  • CCTV: Yes
  • Security Guard: Yes
  • Dustbin: Yes


  • Entry Fees: Free
  • Mobile Camera: Free/ allowed
  • Still Camera: Free/ allowed
  • Video camera: Free/ allowed

Things to carry/ allowed

ID Card, Camera, Selfie Stick, Water Bottle, Sunglasses, Cap, Medicine, Sunscreen, Power bank

Things Not Allowed

Alcohol, Outside Food, Weapons, Pets, Smoking, WIFI, Plastic Bag

Near By:

ATM, Fuel Station, Restaurant, Hospital, Pharmacy, Hotel, shopping mall, Bus Stop

Organic Juice:

Near the entrance gates of the Lake, it is never a bad idea to taste the organic juices sold for a minimal fare. The herbal drinks made out of the forest branches and few sweet barley juices will defiantly had a lot of value to your health and life style. Must recommendation from the TBI – health is wealth and go for it. 

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Thank you for taking time and reading the blog about Kukkrahalli Lake. All you have to do next is get ready and leave for an amazing experience at this blissful place. Happy Bird Watching.

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