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St Philomena’s church or St. Philomena’s Cathedral is discovered in the midst of the city (Mysore), the full name is the Cathedral of Dt. Joseph and St Philomena. Is also familiar with St Joseph’s Cathedral. Distinguish as the 2nd altitudinous church of Asia, St. Philomena’s Church was constructed to pay praise to the Catholic Saint and fatality of the Roman Catholic Church, Saint Philomena.

The church was designed by French man Daly who it is said drew inspiration from cologne cathedral.

St Philomena’s Church Mysore History

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St. Philomena’s Cathedral church is one of the indicator and visitor places of Mysore. The present construction of St. Philomena’s church is established on 28th October 1933 and completed in the year 1941. This St. Philomena’s Cathedral church is constructed in the honor of St. Philomena.

The substructure of this church started in 1926 A.D with a relic of St. Philomena, which proceed from Peter Pisani to Thambu Chetty, a Secretary to Mysore Maharaja. Later the relic was handed over to Father Cochet, who petition the then king of Mysore, Maharaja Krishna Rajendra Wadeyar to build a church in the honor of St. Philomena.

Without any delay and hesitation the then king Maharaja Krishna Rajendra Wadeyar gave orders for the establishment of this historic church and laid the foundation for the same. The present church is constructed on a double foundation as per the order of Mysore Maharaja.

Subscription from devotees all around India and some other countries succor to construct the chaplain. The marble communion table in the chaplain is escorted from Italy and the construction of the church is in neo-Gothic style. There were some miracles that occurred during the establishment of the St. Philomena’s Cathedral church.

St. Philomena’s Cathedral Church miles one of the maximum critical historic websites in Mysore and is regularly visited with the aid of tourists from all over the United States.

Being one of the maximum exclusive landmarks of the metropolis, it appears even greater stunning in the evening sky and is given a nonsecular outcome having a Neo-Gothic style of architecture which makes it all the extra well-known among the masses.

Why St. Philomena's Cathedral built in mysore?

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St Philomena is the daughter of a monarch of a small state in Greece. The monarch and his wife had been unfruitful, and after a lot of prayers, they were blessed with a baby girl who they named Philomena. The girl was faithful to God since birth. The monarch take hold of his daughter along with him to Rome when she was 13 years old to seek some help from Emperor Diocletian.

The emperor was spellbinding by the girl’s beauty and desired to marry her. However, Philomena refused to marry him for she was a camp follower of God. The emperor who could not handle this decline went ahead and ordered to torture her and then got her executed. St. Philomena’s Cathedral Church, as the name suggests, is dedicated to the girl.

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Miracles happened in St. Philomena's Cathedral church

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St. Philomena is very benevolent towards her devotees and there are many miracles happened by worshiping St. Philomena. Whenever there were insufficiency of money while building the church, the next day they got a parcel containing the required amount and the source is still unknown and there are many incredible cures of dying persons with the grace of St. Philomena also reported in this church.

Features of St. Philomena's Cathedral

St. Philomena's Cathedral 04 - Inside Church

The peak of the St. Philomena’s Cathedral is the main feature of St. Philomena church. The height is about 175 feet. Another feature that is very common is the height and length of the church are the same, that is 175 feet. The St. Philomena’s Church became an indicator due to its height and it can be seen from a far distance also.

The church is constructed in the shape of a crucifix and the design is adapted from two churches in New York and Germany the church has an underground chapel. The marble communion table and the statue at St. Philomena church are also the other two attractions in St. Philomena’s Cathedral.

Bhu Varaha Swamy Temple Kallahalli is located in a bitsy vill named Kallahalli on the banks of swash Hemavati. This is one of the most famous places near Mysore. The tabernacle is devoted to the third manifestation of Lord Vishnu. 

It must be either a godly intervention or that we Indians have started tracing back our rich heritage and culture that has bought this tabernacle to its present light and glory. This tabernacle is devoted to the third manifestation of Lord Vishnu, the Varaha swamy or the wild boar form. The construction of the tabernacle is authentically simple. 

The Venugopala Swami Temple situated at Hosa Kannambadi, close to Krishna Raja Sagara, is an illustration of Hoysala engineering in Karnataka, India. This sanctuary was inherent in the twelfth century AD around a similar time as the Chennakesava Temple at Somanathapura, Mysore locale.

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St. Philomena's Cathedral – Christmas celebration

St. Philomena's Cathedral 05 - Peak view

The Christmas season is here to celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. A wonderful season to rejoice and to share the love of God.

Misty nights, brightly shining stars, visually arresting lighting, beautifully ornamented Christmas trees, awesome cribs depicting nativity scenes, crisply wrapped gifts and cheerful Santa – nothing can beat the overwhelming happiness and gleeful spirit of Christmas.

Church and Cathedrals are decked up at their best during the festivity and are lively with midnight mass, melodious carols and fun-filled celebrations. Christmas in Karnataka is celebrated with equal zest and fervour as in other parts of the state in India yet has given it its own flavour.

St. Philomena's Cathedral Church Architecture

St. Philomena’s Cathedral church follows the Victorian (Neo-Gothic) style of architecture and follows the pattern of the Cologne Cathedral of Germany. The church is sketched by Daly who was a French artist.

The design is a cross with the parish hall being the longest end of the cross, the transepts being the two arms of the cross, the communion table being the upper part of the cross and the choir being the crossing of the cross. The church has the same spires which are 175 feet high and can be seen even from a mile away.

The spires resemble those of St. Patrick’s Church which is located in New York. There is a cross of 12 feet of height present on each spire.


Various scenes of the 1977 Bollywood movie, ‘Amar Akbar Antony’ featuring Amitabh Bachchan were shot in Mysuru’s St Philomena’s Cathedral.

Place to visit near St. Philomena's Cathedral

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Mysuru or Mysore city offers an administrative of tourist attractions such as 

  • Mysore Palace
  • Chamundi Hills
  • Karanji Lake
  • Jagan Mohan Palace, and more.

St Philomena nearby restaurants

  • The Mughals family restaurant
  • Fortune place
  • The Quorum and more


The St Philomena church is open from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all days of the week.

On Sundays, the timings of the mass are from 5:00 AM to 6:00 AM, 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM in the morning, and from 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM in the evening.

The finest time to visit St. Philomena’s Cathedral church is between the month of September to February since at this time the weather is pleasant and worth enjoying the evening.

Tips for visiting St. Philomena’s

Visitors are not allowed to take photographs inside the church. And Holy Mass is regulated every day in the church. Holy Mass is conducted every day in the morning as well as evening, an annual feast organized by the church every 11th of August.

How to reach St. Philomena's Cathedral?

The St. Philomena’s Cathedral is situated about 2 km away from the Mysore Palace. Quite close to the city bus stand with an interval of only 3 km between them and hence St. Philomena’s Church is easily accessible.

Located on the Ashoka Road of Mysore, it can be easily retrieved by road. Tourists can either rent a taxi or just take an auto-rickshaw to the church.

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