Top 10 Tourist Places at Mysore

Explore the Best Tourist Places at Mysore

Yes, you heard us right. We give you the best in the class guide for the tourist places at Mysore to visit, both in and around the city.

Hold on to your to hat folks as this guide is going to fill your things-to-do checklist in no time in a single read.

1. Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace Interior - Tourist Places at Mysore

The pride of Mysore is our very own tall standing historical palace. It’s located in the core part of the city. It is the official house of the Wadiyar Dynasty ruled for 7 centuries. To be honest with you guys, Mysore is famous as the city of palaces.

Mysore Palace Front gate
Mysore Palace night vision

Fact Check: The must-know fact about the Palace is that – Original Palace build-out of the wood was burnt in the year 1896. The new structure took around 42 lakhs INR to construct in the year 1992.

No wonder the trip is a waste if you miss out on this place on the visit to the land of history.

The palace welcomes the public on all days of the week.

To know more, please check out our article about Mysore Palace.

2. Krishna Raja Sagara Dam

KRS Dam + Brindavan Garden (Tourist places at mysore)

The 2nd position for the top tourists places at Mysore is our very own KRS Dam. The farmers are the backbone of India, but rivers are the life support for the farmers. As I said, this river continues to give plenty of hope to farmers on yielding their crops.

The River Kaveri is also known as the mother river for Karnataka and Kannadiga. This The Dam got the name of the ruler of Mysuru, Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. The river has been an emotion to all the people around Mysore and Bangalore and certain places.

The Dam got the name of the ruler of Mysore,  Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV.  The Dam construction took place in 1932 under the supervision of Sir M. Vishveswaraya. The river further flows to Tamilnadu(TN) – as an important source of water in the state.

The best time for visiting the KRS Dam is once when the flow of the water is max from the Dam. Once all the gates are open, the flow of the water is a beautiful moment to watch.

Public entry starts from morning around 8 am to evening 8 pm. The dam will be open till 9 pm on Saturdays and Sundays as the traffic is more the public holidays.

Fact Check: The length of the dam is 8597 feet and the height is  130.80 ft. above River Bed Level.

The Dam has around 18 gates and the dam capacity starts to fill up from June to September.

Krishna Raja Sagar Dam is a gravity dam made based on the culture of stone masonry.

3. Brindavan Gardens


Yes, Correct! You saw it right! There is a fun-filled garden with beautiful lights and fountains built beside the dam. It’s a great place to hang out for couples and a best-in-class picnic place for families. There is a musical fountain where the light enriches the beauty of the water. The show starts at  7 PM and will continue till 8 PM.

The beautiful garden spreads across more than 60 Acres. The garden provides a tremendous structure – it has three terraces and ends in a horseshoe shape.

The timings for the entry start in the morning from 8 AM and closes in the evening at 8 PM. The best time to visit will the evenings once the lights illuminate the beauty of the water. This is surely one great things to checkout on your trips to Mysore during the evenings and certainly a tops the list of Tourists Places at Mysore. 

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4. Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hill top (Best tourist Places at Mysore)

The best hangout place for the locals and the tourists. Goddess Chamundeswari lies on top of the hills and blesses the whole Mysore from the heights.

Here’s a list of the dreamiest romantic resorts for couples in Mysore that you must visit at least once – because we all deserve to pamper our bee once in a while.

There are numerous locations in Mysore for couples with a purpose to absolutely make your ride a success one. 

Lord Chamundi - Best tourist Places at Mysore

The idol inside the temple is pure gold. It gets decorated every day and is a pleasure to see and get blessed from the Durga.

The entire city is visible from the top of the hill. The hill’s height is approximately 3,489 ft. and the road distance to top the of the hills is around 8 km from the foot. The best way according to the locals to climb the hills is by foot through the steps. There are 1001 Steps to the top of the hill where we get to see the historical structure of Nandi in the middle of the walk.

Devotion to God is the gateway to success and peace in life. Must visit the place once you visit Mysore.

Official Hours for the temple visits:

7:30 am to 2:00

3:30 pm to 6:00 pm

7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Also, “AnnaDasoha” food served to the devotees will take place every day in the afternoon.

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Fact Check:  Before the temple of Chamundeshwari a statue of the Mahishasura exists. He is holding a big sword and a serpent in his hands. It’s said that after killing the demon, the Goddess resided at the hills. Now, where she’s worshipped to date with devotion.

5. Mysore Zoo

Mysore zoo - Front gate (Entry point)

It’s a blistering 157-acre land located close to the Mysore Palace, India. It’s considered one of the oldest and most popular zoos of India. It’s constructed in the year 1892. It is so huge in size that gives some space to the animals and also will take 3 hours of walk time on average to cover the land.

The Zoo is open to the public from Wednesday to Monday, with Tuesday being a holiday. It opens as early as 8:30 AM and closes at 5:30 PM.

Zoo has minimal entry fees to enter the premises.


Adult: Rs.50/-
Child: Rs.20/-

Weekends or Peak days:

Adult: Rs.60/-
Child: Rs.30/-

Mysore Zoo Camera Ticket Cost:

Still Camera: Rs.20/-
Video Camera: Rs.150/-

The catch of this zoo is “The only Zoo which has a Gorilla in India”

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Mysore Zoo - Gorilla

Fact Check:  Mysore Zoo has almost 1,450 specimens of animals & birds. It consists of 168 species belonging to more than 25 countries.

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6. Have Coffee at Lalith Mahal

Lalith Mahal - Best tourist Places at Mysore

Lalith Mahal is the second largest palace of Mysore. It is very close to Chamundi hills towards the east of Mysore. It’s built in the year 1921 on the orders of Krishnaraja Wadiyar 1V and now the palace is over 100 years of age.

The stay in the royal palace will cost a bit more than 2000/- and reached 4500/- on weekends. The heritage hotel consists of 56 royal suites.

The public can visit the palace from Monday to Sunday from morning 10 AM – 6 PM. There is an entry fee that costs around 100/- per person near the gates. As a complementary on the visit inside the palace – they serve delicious Coffee/Tea with biscuits.

With extra pay of money, you can also take part in the buffet in the noon and have delicious lunch. If you are a person who likes to booze – the palace hotel also has a bar.

Fact Check:  The Lalitha Mahal serves the purpose is to host the most important guest – the Viceroy of India.

7. Eat Mylari Dosa or eat Hanumanthu Biryani

Mysore never disappoints the foodies like you. Whether you are a veg/non-veg person, Mysore hosts a lot of fun-filled and exciting places in and around the city.

The below two are the top contenders of our list.

Mylari Dosa

Mylari Dosa (Tourist Places at Mysore)

People who visit here can’t stop after eating one dosa, they will keep ongoing. The perfect coconut chutney, along with Masala Dosa and Idli is all it takes to start a day with positivity. Mylari Dosa is running its operations for 80 years now.

If you are visiting Mysore for holidays – remember to start your day here by having breakfast. They never disappoint you and your taste buds.

About Mylari Dosa – It’s the oldest hotel in Mysore. The Place is not fancy but the taste buds don’t know that. The decoration of the food is simple. The taste here tells all the stories.

So, if you are visiting Mysore for the first time, you know where to go for the best dosa in the city.

Address: #79, Nazarbad Main Road, Near Police Station, Doora, Mysore
The cost of Dosa is Rs. 40/- INR
The timings: 6:30 AM to 1:30 PM and again opens at 3:00 PM till 9:00 PM.

Hotel Hanumanthu (The Best Biryani in Mysore)

Non-veg eaters have their very own way of starving for their favorite biryani. This place is very old and has been serving great non-veg dishes to over thousand and thousands of people. The hotel is not only famous in Mysore it’s like nobody ever stopped hearing about this place.

Great Kannada movie actors have visited in person to enjoy the pleasant taste of the biryani.

The hotel gives a homely feeling and has been in operation for a long time-1930 to be exact. Located in Mandi Mohalla, it serves Biryani with the name of Mutton Pulav.

Fact Check:  All the food items cooked here is with firewood which adds a very unique taste to everything.

Type of Meat: Both Mutton and Chicken


Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday- 7 am to 10:30 am, 12 pm to 4:30 pm, 6 pm to 10 pm.
Thursday-12 pm to 4:30 pm, 6 pm to 10 pm.
Saturday- 12 pm to 4 pm.

8. Railway Museum

Railway Museum was established in the year 1979 by the Indian Railways. It is the 2nd Museum of its kind supporting the national railway museum in Delhi.

The museum is all about the transformation of the Railways over the decades. The great collection of photographs and exhibits of locomotive is the main attraction.

Main attractions:

  • An ES 506 4-6-2 locomotive
  • An Austin Railway Car, built from 1925 Austin mode
  • Two royal coaches that belonged to the Maharajas of Mysore, the Wadiyar kings.
  • The Queen’s Saloon carriage with a dining car unit, a kitchen, and a royal toilet, dated 1899
  • A W.G. Bagnall # 1625 built-in 1900
  • Built by North British Locomotive Co. in 1920, – Class E # 37244 4-4-4T from Surrey Iron Railway. One of the three super-heated locomotives, built by W.G. Bagnall in 1932
  • A YP #2511 (Telco in 1963)

Hours: The Museum is open all days of the week except on Monday between 10 AM to 5:30 PM.
Entry Fees: Adult 15/- Child 10/-
Location: Museum is accessible quite near to the railway station of Mysore. From the city centre, it is about 3 km away.

For more information don’t forget to checkout our blog on Railway Museum Mysore

9. Visit Jagmohan Palace Devaraja Mohalla

Jaganmohana Palace (Tourist Places at Mysore)

Jaganmohan Palace, It’s constructed in the year 1861 by  Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar. It’s in the form of traditional Hindu architectural style. The best feature of this palace is the intricate carvings that cover all the palace walls. The Jaganmohan Palace served the royals as their home when the palace was burnt. 

The palace’s purpose was “as an alternate retreat for the royal family”. And also, daily durbar by the king and the special Dasara Durbar during the period of Dasara.

The palace is now provided for rent to host School/College or Corporate Events. It has a beautiful wooden stage and a seating capacity of around 500 people inside.

Fact Check:

  • The art gallery inside has one of the largest collections of artifacts in the South.
  • Artifacts – paintings, prominent among which are the art by Raja Ravi Varma. Some of which prove scenes from the Hindu epics, Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

10. St.Philomena's Cathedral

St-Philomena ( Best tourist Places at Mysore)

The St.philomena’s Church – which is also the second tallest church in Asia built in the year 1804.  The church pays tribute to Saint Philomena.  He was the Catholic Saint and martyr of the Roman Catholic Church. It is one of the tall standing structures in the city center.

Most of the tourists never fail to visit this amazing place, especially after the sunset. It is amazing to experience the beautiful architecture of this monument. No wonder, it is one of the most important architecture to must visit when you are in Mysore.

The best time to visit the church is in the months of September to February. The weather is such a bliss, and worth enjoying.

It is at a distance of about 2 km from Mysore Palace and 3 km away from the city bus stand on Mysore’s Ashoka Road. Tourists can take an auto or hire a taxi to reach the church fast.

Fact Check:

  • The church follows the Neo-Gothic style of architecture. And also follows the pattern of the Cologne Cathedral of Germany.
  • The hall of the church is huge and can accommodate around 800 people.

Church Time: The church remains open from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all days of the week.

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