Full Guide on Railway Museum Mysore!!

Mysore Railway Museum

“Choo Choo, All Aboard! The next stop is – The Railway Museum, Mysore. Wait a minute, Where is Railway Museum?” – the most often raised question of all the folks visiting the city for the first time.

Follow the full guide to see what the place is about and how fun a visit here can be. This is a full guide – where we try to cover all the aspects to know before the visit, and few tips to keep you excited.

I am very excited to show you around the Railway Museum. the Museum has an amazing collection of vintage locomotives.

So, Yes - Where is Railway Museum, Mysore?

railway museum mysore Modified Entrance

The Railway Museum Mysore is very close to the City Railway Station towards the KRS Road. It is approximately around 3 km from the Mysore Palace, which is the closest landmark.

If you ask me how to reach the place, please refer to the below:

railway museum mysore Car 3
railway museum mysore Car 2
railway museum mysore car replacement
  • By District Railways
  • By District Bus
  • By Air

By District Railways

railway museum mysore, where is railway museum?

Are you a train lover? Do vintage locomotives keep you excited? then you made the right choice by traveling via Train. The Railway Museum is very close to the railway station. Deboard the train and exit from the back gates of the city Railway Station. Moving for about 150 meters towards the main road at the right corner “Vollah” – you have arrived at the museum. It’s a matter of 5-10 mins walk by the time you be inside the museum.

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Fact Check: The length of the dam is 8597 feet and the height is  130.80 ft. above River Bed Level.

The Dam has around 18 gates and the dam capacity starts to fill up from June to September.

Krishna Raja Sagar Dam is a gravity dam made based on the culture of stone masonry.

By District Bus

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Getting down at the Mysuru City Urban Bus-stand, it’s about 3kms to the Railway Museum. It takes around 10 mins to reach the place. The fastest way to get there is to use local travel facilities like an Auto, Uber, or ola. If you are up for public transport, board a bus, shared travel which is en route towards the KRS road.

The city was founded in the 9th century by the Ganga dynasty. Srirangapatna is a very small town surrounded by the river Kaveri to form an island in Karnataka. The city is also called an Island city. The distance between Srirangapatna and Mysore is just 18 km. And from the capital city Bangalore, Srirangapatna is located at a distance of 124 km. This is a great weekend getaway or a single-day trip from either of these places.

The town is an architectural masterpiece of the Hoysala Dynasty and Vijayanagar style. The town takes its name from the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Here Are our top suggestions on Some Must-Visit Places And Things To Do In  Srirangapatna Karnataka.

Mysore is one of the large cities in the Karnataka state and it is a major factor that adds to the state’s tourism industry and is a great revenue generator. Mysore, the city of palaces, has a rich history and several tourist attractions. The Chamundi hills in Mysore is a top tourist attraction that draws in photographers, nature lovers, Hindu devotees, and fitness freaks all day of the year. The Chamundi Hills Mysore construction was carried out during the 11th century. 

The Kukkarahalli Lake was created/made in the year 1864. It was created during the times of Mammadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar for the purpose of providing water for irrigation outside the city.

Mysuru or (Mysore) is the second-largest city in the state of Karnataka, India. The name Mysore is an altered version of Mahishuru, which means the residence of Mahisha. Mahisha stands for Mahishashura, a demon from Hindu mythology. Mysore is always mesmerized its tourist with the rich heritage and holy temples. 

The KRS Dam is itself a beauty and the storage of the water is considered to be called the KRS Backwaters. It will be full during the rainy season. This is also considered to be a great picnic spot for all travel lovers and peace seekers.

By Air

Railway Museum mysore maharaja coach

Getting down on the Mysore Airport, don’t worry – there are airport cab facilities. A distance of around 13 km with a 20mins travel time, you should all be set to reach the place on time.

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Well! Now the fun and exploration start here – All about the museum

Fact Check: 

  • Mysuru Museum stands Second right after the National Railway Museum, Delhi.
  • Most of the exhibits were earlier kept inside the palace which was then moved to this place.
  • Choo Choo – a mini-train – Yes! A small battery-powered train takes a ride around the grounds of the museum.

Fact Check:  Before the temple of Chamundeshwari a statue of the Mahishasura exists. He is holding a big sword and a serpent in his hands. It’s said that after killing the demon, the Goddess resided at the hills. Now, where she’s worshipped to date with devotion.

Railway Museum Timings:

railway museum mysore toy train

The Rail museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, leaving Monday as a holiday. The museum will operate only during daylight.

For timings please refer to the below:

Monday          Closed
Tuesday         10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Wednesday   10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Thursday        10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Friday              10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday        10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Sunday           10:00 AM – 5:30 PM

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Ticket Prices at Mysore Rail Museum

Adult – 50/-
Children – 20/-

The Entry Fees also cover the toy train ride inside the museum. The toy train runs on battery power which takes a fun journey inside the museum grounds.

Time Required:

The Museum tour takes about an hour or 30 mins more.


Visiting in your personal vehicle and wondering where to park? don’t worry the parking is next to the Mysore Railway Museum.

It can accommodate a decent number of vehicles and with good security.

Warning: Keep in mind not to park your vehicle outside near the compounds which can attract 500/- INR Fine.

Overview of the Railway Museum:

Overview of the Railway Museum:

The Railway Museum Mysore, inaugurated in the year 1979 is a must-visit if you are planning for a day at Mysore.
On entering the museum, there is an information center, souvenir store. The store contains items related to Mysore and also toys from Chenapatna(The Toy City).

The Museum contains the model of the existing Mysore City Railway Station. We can find information like the meter gauge, narrow gauge, and other technical terms here. The interesting fact about this is we get to see them all along with descriptive boards.

The facilities inside the Mysore Railway Museum.

  • Indoor Gallery
  • Cafeteria
  • View Tower
  • Audio-Visual Room
  • Rail Coach Cafe
  • Sri Ranga Pavilion
  • Station
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Toilets


The museum has tried to recreate a few of the old facilities of the Railways and their Equipment. They have created the old office rooms that were in design during the old times with old furniture. They even have old telephones and also the coat stands of the station masters. This creation gets us an amazing feel of the time that our last generation had during the old times. The Museum also has a lot of old used equipment like a Ticket punching machine, ticket tube, cash safe chest, etc.

The Museum also has a watchtower or view-tower. The tower has 5 floors. Where you can go up to G+3rd floor via lift and another floor through stairs. The view from the above sums up the entire museum from aerial. There is some nice artwork on the walls inside the tower.


Major Attractions of Rail Museum

railway museum mysore 18

The main attraction of the railway museum from us,

MG Steam Locomotive(till 1993)

A steam engine which use to travel around 75km/hr. It is a demo of superheat boiler and tender coaches locomotive. This is the creation of Tata Engineering (1963) with a meter gauge engine.

Meter Gauge Railway Bus

This train was in major use between Karnataka’s Shivmoga town and Thalaguppa. This train was then improvised by the BEML and was in use in the 1930s

Meter Gauge Wooden Wagon.

This is more than 100 years old and found in Hosapeta Depot. Mysore recreated this wagon in the year 2014-15.

Meter Gauge Hand Crane

This Crane was in the use of picking up the weight of up to 5 tons. This crane turns 360 degrees. This Crane’s purpose was to fill in the wagons with heavy items and unloading them. Created by Cowans Sheldon and Company, England – 1885.

The Toy Train Ride

The train is an amazing experience to have. We have to walk towards the station point where the train halts for the pickup. The capacity of the train is around 30 people. This will go around the museum and covers up to 600 meters. Its created by Mysore South.

Sri Ranga Pavilion

The Queen’s Saloon which was in use by the royal family is the best of the Museum’s collection. It is a prestigious and Huge collectible for the museum. It has rich equipped antiques used by the queen and also a space where the servants stayed to benefit the royal. Its made of premium quality wood with a lot of royalistic antique designs inside and outside.

Meter Gauge Deisel Locomotive

The locomotive was in practice from 1968, Amerian Locomotive Company. The travel was between Chamrajnagar and Mysore, being the transportation for the people.

Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive

This came into existence from the England creators. This is one of the oldest steam locomotives that are on display in this museum. The wood was being used as the fuel for this locomotive.

Meter Gauge Steam Locomotive

Mysore purchased this locomotive for a price of 36,340/- INR. In 1933 this rail was in operation. The main routes or places this was operational were in Bangalore and Mysore.

And much more…


Refreshing cafe: Coach Cafe: Equipped with AC inside a train coach. This is a great experience to have. Have a drink inside and enjoy the rail food!

Tips on your visits:
  • Be mindful not to park your vehicles outside the parking area
  • Bring your own water bottles
  • Don’t carry outside food in the museum
  • If you are feverish – it’s a good idea not to enter the museum as the thermal check takes place at the entrance
  • Follow social distancing
  • Avoid touch on the antique collections


The Museum is not only a collection of amazing antique train and equipment collection – It also has a ton of info. Vising this place for the first time will bring a huge smile. The Museum is one of the second of its type in India, after the similar one in Delhi. Please take your time off for this must-visit place in Mysore.

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