Delicious Dine Out at RRR hotel in Mysore

RRR Hotel in Mysore

RRR Hotel in Mysore is one of the oldest and the most famous hotel in the town. It is a contemporary Andhra-style restaurant, and they serve delectable biryani. The limitless vegan dinner choice is extremely popular at this spot as well as chicken fry.

It is located at the heart of the city, close to Mysore Palace, Dod Gadiyara, and Sagam Theatre. The hotel holds a very good rating of 4.1/5 overall.


Address: RRR hotel in Mysore, Gandhi Square, Near, Mahatma Gandhi Statue, Lashkar Mohalla, Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka 570001

Opening hours


11:30 AM – 4:30 PM
6:30 PM – 10:30 PM


11:30 AM – 4:30 PM
6:30 PM – 10:30 PM


11:30 AM – 4:30 PM
6:30 PM – 10:30 PM


11:30 AM – 4:30 PM
6:30 PM – 10:30 PM


11:30 AM – 4:30 PM
6:30 PM-10:30 PM


11:30 AM-4:30 PM
6:30 PM – 10:30 PM


11:30 AM – 4:30 PM
6:30 PM – 10:30 PM

About RRR hotel in Mysore:

rrr hotel in mysore 03

They offer Dine-In, and Takeaways and are also partnered up with Zomato and Swiggy which makes it easier for their customers to have their favourite dishes at their doorstep at the best prices and with the least time possible in just a single click.

Being a well-known place in the heritage city, this place is quite spacious, and the place is always packed with people who live within the city as well as outsiders, hence the waiting time is considerably more, but the wait is worth it as they have a delicious menu where one can constantly find something to satisfy their taste buds. 

This place never disappoints its customers with its flavor some food and considerate staff. They offer great food with a captivating fragrance at a cost that won’t hurt your wallet at all.

Seeing Dodda Gadiyaara requests time and endeavors, so if you feel hungry later, a visit here will give you a decent feast. At RRR you will be served with Impeccably cooked biryani, raita and papadams can establish an extraordinary connection with you. Arrive at this spot to taste great payasam and delectable yogurt. 

As a ton of guests state, coffee or espresso would be truly perfect after having a heavy meal.

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The best advantages of this spot are it is cool and the wonderful staff. You will see the value in fair costs. The unique style and tremendous mood let visitors feel loosened up here. However, various individuals who use Google didn’t concede this restaurant as a high standard.

RRR Hotel in Mysore has a variety of cuisines for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. A sample menu has been shown/attached in the image below:

RRR Hotel in Mysore is mainly famous for its non-veg dishes which are well served in a banana leaf and in plates if you wish to have the same at the customer’s convenience.  But most people suggest eating with a Banana leaf as the food which is served will be hot and spicy which when eaten with banana leaf will add more flavor. 

Just because the place is famous for non-veg dishes doesn’t mean they are doing injustice to their beloved vegetarians. They have brilliant chefs who are famous for their vegetarian dishes as well. 

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Sanity Check:

rrr hotel in mysore 04.jpg

When it comes to cleanliness RRR Hotel in Mysore is at its best when all the plates and vessels are sanitized. The veggies are brought from the best sellers in the markets along with the chicken and mutton. They do not use any customized or chemical-based ingredients, all the ingredients used are homemade and purely natural with no side effects. 

All the chefs wear gloves while preparing the cleansing and preparing the dishes. This shows how much RRR values its customer’s health. I would like to say this is more than enough for any person or a traveler to spread the word that RRR Hotel in Mysore is one of the best and cleanest to dine at any time during the day or night as they are always open to fill their customer’s hunger.

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There are numerous locations in Mysore for couples with a purpose to absolutely make your ride a success one. 

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Chicken Biryani:

rrr hotel in mysore 01

Chicken biryani is made with the best top-quality ingredients and the best chicken available in the market. It is made by marinating chicken which is followed by another pot of well-cooked rice, herbs, and ghee.


Lakshman Mess Mysore 06

For vegetarians, they have a special “All Pack Vegetarian Single Meals“ which is made with the best steamed Rice, Dal, Palya, Kutu, chutney, Sambar, Rasam, Curd, Papad, Sweet, Pickle, Gun powder which is enough to fill up a single person tummy at a reasonable price close to Rs.250 only.


The Top features of this RRR Hotel in Mysore is

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Adequate safety/security
  3. Attentive phone answering
  4. Lighting
  5. Aroma
  6. Simple, tasty food

Hotel Staff:

rrr hotel in mysore 02

No matter how much the process of interaction may the staff at RRR Hotel in Mysore are always patient when it comes to serving their customers and even helping their beloved customers with directions post or pre-lunch.

My last point, administration, doesn’t require a number since it is the most essential prerequisite of any friendliness foundation. A Sanskrit saying, “Atithi Devotional Bhavah” (signifying “the Visitor is God”) is maybe a more articulated mantra on the most proficient method to treat visitors. 

Very much like all mysorians, we treat our visitors properly and in a respectful way in other words we treat people equally regardless of race, religion, or standard.

Final Verdict:

Food Lovers and Instagram reel makers this is a place where you would like to have a video created, and uploaded along with having yummy and some delicious treats. Do visit and post us reviews once you get a chance.

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