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Highway 18 Mysore

Being one of the top restaurants in Mysore, Highway 18 Mysore never fails to disappoint the taste buds of the foodies out in town. Do go through the entire blog to know more about the ambiance and food quality offered by the host.

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Highway 18 Mysore Review

Highway 18 Mysore 01

I’m a resident of Bengaluru who often visits Mysuru as it’s my native. Mysuru is very diverse as it is; also equally diverse are the restaurant chains. I prefer trying out new restaurants each time I’m there. This time I wanted to try some south-indian cuisine where I stumbled over the restaurant called Highway-18 Annexe (Highway 18 Mysore) in Vani Vilas Mohalla. The restaurant was situated at a prime location and is easy to reach. The restaurant seemed a bit offset at first, but when I entered the place it really enriched the idea of the place as it was very well maintained, clean, and had organized seating.

We were welcomed by the friendly staff who were locals and had us interested in the food that their restaurant had to offer. The south Indian restaurant offers its Breakfast Menu from timings 07:00 AM-11:30 AM.

Highway 18 Mysore 03

We started our meal with the Akki Roti, which was suggested by the waiter as must try. The Roti was soft and the chutney provided with it was flavorful and had the right amount of mint. We ordered Uddin Vada and Dahi Vada; the uddin Vada was crispy to touch, soft and perfectly cooked through, the Dahi Vada on the other hand lacked sweetness. Overall I would avoid eating the Dahi Vada and would gladly take another Uddin Vada instead.

Coming to Dosa’s, we had order the Onion Dosa , Set Dosa and an Open Butter Masala Dosa.

The Onion Dosa was mediocre, the chutney was great but the dosa didn’t quiet hit the mark. Following was the set dosa which was soft to touch and literally melted in my mouth. The set dosa comes with coconut chutney and Sagu. This dish was right out of the ballpark. The open butter masala dosa too was a HIT. The dosa was well cooked, evenly laid out thickness and had a gallop of butter on it; tasted out of this world ,complimented with the sambar which had a tinge of sweetness and the mint coconut chutney.

Highway 18 Mysore 04

My brother Niki was accompanying me , and he planned to opt to a much more simpler option which was the BREAKFAST COMBO ( which consisted of Mini Chow Chow Bath, Mini Masala Dosa , Mini Ricebath, Mini Vada and a single piece of Idli).

He too was pretty pleased with his order, and liked all the dishes which he received with the combo. We ended our breakfast with a strong filter coffee which the restaurant can’t really go wrong with as it is a south Indian restaurant. The breakfast menu is very affordable and the hygiene standards are well maintained.  We surely made plans of coming back for Lunch to Highway 18 Mysore and we did that the next day.

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Lunch at Highway 18 Mysore:

Highway 18 Mysore 05

The Restaurant was much more crowded as compared to the breakfast time we visited. Seating wasn’t a problem as the restaurant had adequate seating arrangements. For Lunch we wanted to try the vast varieties the place was offering.

We ordered Paneer Schezwan Fried Rice and Chilly Mushroom Noodles. The Schezwan fried Rice was good, with sufficient flavor punch and the Chilly Mushroom Noodles was hideous. The noodles were overcooked and Chilly Mushroom did not have a palatable taste. And for the sides we tried the Baby Corn Sattay and Mushroom Pepper Fry.

Disappointment: Highway 18 Mysore

Highway 18 Mysore 01

The Baby corn Sattay was an honest mistake, as the baby corn was not even edible. It had turned rubbery and was impossible to take a bite out of. The mushroom pepper fry was good, with a packed flavor and a good quantity of mushrooms.

The final round of starters was the Tandoori Paneer Hariyali Tikka. This was an outstanding dish that consisted of fresh green tandoori batter for the paneer which was then grilled on a flame. The paneer hariyali really made my impressions change of this south Indian restaurant as it felt fresh and the green mint chutney provided with it was really refreshing.

Though the main course of our lunch was disappointing, the Paneer hariyali really got me into a dilemma. The restaurant really has the potential to make it big, but due to minor setbacks and poor management, they are not really reaching their full budding.


Final Verdict

My sincere review is that this restaurant has a very high scope of making it big but there are some minor changes needed like the management needs to be improved and to focus on dishes which they already exceed with rather than having a complex menu to work with and not making their ends meet.


Q- Is the Highway 18 Mysore really a redeemable restaurant?

  • The south Indian cuisine is exceptional, but the North Indian menus needs to be made simplified and the Best Dishes should be changed on the menu.

Q-Which was the dish which completely stood out?

  • The south Indian dishes completely stood out, as a south Indian restaurant; that’s what the main attraction of the place should be.

Q-Would I visit the restaurant again?

  • Yes, for the breakfast Definitely!

My Rating on Highway 18 Mysore:

Breakfast: 4.5/5

Lunch:      Main course: 3.5/5

                   Starters: 4/5

Deserts:  NA


Highway 18 Mysore has its own pros and cons,

But the restaurant still delivers the tasty and hygienic platter at a very reasonable price. This is a big Plus on my horizon as it would help a lot of people who travel and also who are bargain hunters as the restaurant aims at those who want affordable and enjoyable meals.

The Highway 18 Annexe gets a big thumbs up from me and I would suggest you try the breakfast menu rather than the Lunch. A reminder, the Breakfast Menu is only available from 07 00 Am -11:30 AM.

Happy Fooding!


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