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Mysore is a historical place present in the Southern part of Karnataka. Mysore is also known for its rich culture and heritage. There are many tourist places nearby Mysore. One can visit these beautiful and historical places when they come to Mysore.

Some of the famous tourist places nearby Mysore are Somanthpura temple, Talakadu temple, Melukote, Nagarhole, Bandipur, and many more. These places are of historical significance and have beautiful architecture. People can visit these places with families and friends and can have a great time. One such place is the Talakadu, famous for the Talakadu temple and history.

Introduction to Talakadu

Talakadu Temple 01 - Kaveri River

Talakadu is a town located on the left bank of the Kaveri river. It is about 45 km (28 miles) from Mysore and 133 km (82 miles) from Bangalore in Karnataka, India. The town is known by many names like Talkād, Talakadu, Talakkadu, or Thalakadu.

It had over 30 temples earlier but now, most of them lay buried in the sand. The river Kaveri changes its course from the east as the sand on its banks spreads over a wide area. This place is a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus. The Talakdu temple is very famous and people visit here very often.

History of Talakadu & Talakadu Temple

Talakadu Temple 02 - Temple

The tradition says that Talakadu gets its name derived from two Kirāta twin brothers named Tala and Kādu. The two brothers chopped down a tree after seeing wild elephants worship it. They discovered that it contained an image of Shiva. They also came to know that these elephants were rishis transformed.

After this incident, The tree was restored, all obtained mōksha, and the place was named Tala-kādu. This name is also known as Dala-Vana in Sanskrit. In front of the Veerabadra Swamy temple, two stone images declared to represent the brothers are pointed out. People also believe that Lord Rāma had halted here on his expedition to Lanka.

During the start of the eleventh century CE, the Western Gangas lost to the Chōlas. The Cholas captured Talkād and gave it a new name called Rājarājapura. But after a century passed, the Hoysala Emperor Vishnuvardhana drove the Chōlas out of Mysore. He had control of the complete Mysore territory.

During this time, the Talkād city was divided into seven towns and five Mathias. There was a large place on the opposite side of the river. It was called The town of Māyilangi or Malingi. This place was also Jananāthapura. During the mid of 14th century, the town belonged to the Hoysalas.

Later after some time, the place was transferred into the hands of a feudatory of the Vijayanagar sovereigns. The Vijayanagar feudatory during that time was Soma Raja.

The Curse of Talakadu Temple

Talakadu Temple 03 - Talakadu Sand

Many say about this Myth, that the curse was given by Alamelamma or known as the curse of Alamelamma. She was the wife of Tirumala Raya of the Vijayanagar empire. He was the chieftain of Srirangapatna during the Vijayanagar empire.

Once he was suffering from illness. So he decided to visit the Vaidyeshwara temple of Talakadu to get divine blessings. During his absence, Queen Alamelamma was in charge of Srirangapatna. Later she came to know that her husband is in bad condition. So she handed over the empire to Raja Wodeyar of the Mysore dynasty and went to Talakadu.  But the Mysore emperor wanted to take some of her precious jewelry too and hence enforced the army against her.  Alamelamma was enraged by this act and she threw the jewels into the river Kaveri. Later she drowned herself in the river. 

But before she drowned in the river, she cursed the king. The curse was that he would fail to have heirs and the town of Talakadu will turn into sand.

Until today the town is covered with sand and causing its monuments and temples to submerge.  But the geologists and ecologists have come up with different theories. But the presence of sand in the town still remains a mystery.  Mysore Maharajas do not have natural heirs and they have adopted sons as their hier.

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Famous Temples in Talakadu

Talakadu Temple 04 - Aerial View

History tells us that about thirty temples lay buried deep under the stretch of sandhills. While most temples are beneath the dunes of sand. Some sites such as stone pillars, squares, and other objects lay scattered around the excavated area. Some of the temples have been excavated.

Today archeologists have discovered many temples. They have unearthed the Pathaleshwara, Maruleshwara, Arkeshwara, Vaidyanatheshwara, and Mallikarjuna temples. These are some of the famous Talakadu temples.

These Talakadu temple are the five Lingas or the Panchalinga temples representing the five faces of Shiva. These temples are very famous and popular today.

The Vydyanatheshwara temple is the most outstanding temple among these five. Emperor Vishnuvardhana, a ruler belonging to Hoysala built the temple on the mark defeating the Gangas and Talakadu. 

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How to Reach Talakadu?

Talakadu Temple 05 - Inside the River

The nearest major train stations are Mandya, Mysore junction, and Bangalore. You can reach Talakadu with convenient transportation. The nearest Airports are the Mysore Domestic Airport and Bangalore Airport. 

The place is around 45 km from Mysore city. One can take the NH-209 highway to come to the Talakadu temple. It takes around 80 – 90 mins duration from Mysore.

The Talakadu temple is about 133 km from Bangalore city. It will be around a 2 to 3 hours journey from Bangalore. One can plan a one-day trip from Bangalore if they plan to leave early in the morning.

Best Time To Visit Talakadu Temple

Talakadu Temple 06 - Panchalingeshwara Temple

The best time to visit Talakadu is between November and March. The temperatures are pleasant during this time. People can visit the Talakadu temple from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Many people visit the Talakadu temple in the mornings.

Talakadu Today

Talakadu Temple 07 - Weekend visit

Once this was a sleepy little town. Today the town is famous for some of the latest advances in technology in horticulture and winemaking.

Today the whole town is changing into a business center. Beautiful wines, Fresh Pesticides produce, cheese, and diverse culinary experiences are changing this once sleepy hamlet. One can plan a one-day trip to Talakadu from Mysore. You can definitely enjoy a great time with your family and friends.

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