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Top things to do at Chamundi Hills Mysore

Mysore is one of the large cities in the Karnataka state and it is a major factor that adds to the state’s tourism industry and is a great revenue generator. Mysore, the city of palaces, has a rich history and several tourist attractions. The Chamundi hills in Mysore is a top tourist attraction that draws in photographers, nature lovers, Hindu devotees, and fitness freaks all day of the year. The Chamundi Hills Mysore construction was carried out during the 11th century. 

Chamundi Hills Mysore 04 - entry point road
Sri Chamundeshwari Temple atop of Chamundi Hills Mysore is located about 13 kms from Mysuru, which is a prominent city in Karnataka State, India country. Sri Chamundeshwari Temple is world famous – not only in India but also abroad visitors are more in number as well. ‘Chamundi’ or ‘Durga’ is the fierce form of ‘Shakti’. She is the slayer(killer) of demons, ‘Chanda’ and ‘Munda’ and also ‘Mahishasura’, the buffalo-headed monster. The other great attraction is the famous 15 feet high and 24 feet long Nandi on the 800th step on the hill. She the great Chamundeshwari is the Goddess worshipped by Mysuru Maharajas. For several centuries they have held the Goddess, Chamundeswari, in great reverence.
Chamundi Hills Mysore 03 - Hill Roads

Sri Chamundeshwari Temples rises to a height of 3,489 feet and it is visible from a distance itself while traveling towards Mysuru. We can directly say that we are about to reach Mysore by just seeing the big tall towered hills. A statue of demon Mahishasura, is present in the Chamundeswari temple.

Chamundi Hills Mysore 01 - Chamundi temple
The temple is 40 meters high with 7 stories, painted in gold colour. There are several images of the goddess in different forms carved on the walls of the temple. The doorway of the tower has a beautiful image of Lord Ganesha. The main tower is followed by another tower that leads to the Maha Mandapa of the temple which has plain pillars followed by an antarala and the sanctum. There are also statues of Lord Ganesh and Hanuman inside the temple where devotees can take the blessings from. The temple also provides food to thousands of people who visit the temple in the name of “Annadasoha”. Its always a great thing to catch the food from devotional places and be part of the tradition here at Chamundi Hills Mysore.

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Chamundi Hills Mysore 05 - Laddu

The most famous prasadham of this place is the Laddu. They are available at the prasadham counter where they will be charged 40/- for 2 pieces. If you have bought a ticket of 100/- for Darshan, then the ticket fetches a single Laddu with the ticket submission at the Prasadham counter.

Mysore city is known for its rich heritage and prosperous culture in South India. This city is famous for many heritage buildings and sculptures. The city will be overcrowded with people during the world-famous Dasara festival. As it is a heritage city, we can explore many heritage places within the city. One such historical and heritage place is Devaraja Market, which is present in the heart of the Mysore city. This is one of the oldest markets in India.
People folks across the market can find various items like fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, sandalwood products, essential oils, and many more. Tourists can get an idea of the market lifestyle in Mysore. This is a well-known place in Mysore city. This market gets its name from the Maharaja Dodda Devaraja Wodeyar. The Devaraja Market is divided into many categories and You will find many varieties of products.

The Nanjundeshwara or Nanjangud Temple is an ancient temple in the Hindu pilgrimage town of Nanjanagudu in the Karnataka state, India towards the South. It is known for the ancient temple of the Lord or highness Nanjundeshwara. The Nanjundeshwara temple is located inside the town on the bank of river Kapila or Kabini, a tributary of the river Kaveri.

This temple is one of the biggest temples in the state of Karnataka. The name of the town is derived from the lord Nanjundeshwara Swami. The other name of God is also the lord Shiva. The place is sacred and holy as there is a Sangama, where the two rivers meet i.e., Gundlu and the Kapila.

An important fact to be aware of Nanjangud Temple is, that this place is also considered the “Dakshina Kashi” or the “Southern Kashi” located 23 KM away from Mysore and around 162 KM away from Bangalore.


  • There are ATMs near the temple if you have forgotten your wallet.
  • Food is not an issue at this place, you can see local sellers selling Sweet fresh corn, churmuri, and other chats along with fast food as well here at Chamundi Hills Mysore.
  • Local street shopping – contains various artifacts and also some local outfits, toys, and glasses.
  • There is a huge space for parking your vehicles at a minimal fare depending on the type of travel. Bike: 20/- Car: 40/-

Chamundi Hills View Point:

Chamundi Hills Mysore 06 - Night view of Mysore city from top of the hills

On top of the hills, there is a viewpoint which when stood and spent time can have an eye-pleasing view of the Mysore city. There is a binocular view available on pay schemes. The entire palace can be viewed in full from the top of the Chamundi Hills Mysore

The statue of Nandi (The Bull)

Chamundi Hills Mysore 08 - Nandi Statue

The statue of Nandi (The Bull) is present about halfway to the hill top. This Nandi is considered the vehicle of Lord Shiva. This statue is created or carved from a single stone of black granite. The statue is about 490 centimeters in height and has a length of 760 centimeters.

Mysore to Chamundi Hills:

Chamundi Hills Mysore 09 - Bus

Mysore itself has its own airport. The nearest international airport to Mysore is the Bangalore International Airport. It is easy to arrive to Mysore from Bangalore and takes about 3 hours to reach. Mysore has great connectivity through buses and trains to all prominent cities in South India. After reaching Mysore, you can take a taxi or local bus to the foot of the Chamundi hills Mysore.

There are multiple ways to reach to the top of the hills. One is through the main roadways which is the diversion to hills from the main road after Karanji Lake. The other one is before the Karanji lake, the golf course road. And other one is through the Nandi Road, but however, the road is now converted to one way from top of the hills to foot. Apart from the entry from Mysore side, there is also entry from the Nanjangud Side.

The government has allocated route busses to the top of the hills. There is a fair number of busses that will help you reach the top of the hills in less than 40 minutes of time.

Chamundi Hills Steps:

Chamundi Hills Mysore 10 - steps
Wait there is more, the top of the Chamundi Hills Mysore is covered via footsteps as well. A total of 1000+ steps will directly take the devotees to the top of the hills from where they can actually get the blessings of the goddess Chamundi. On a normal average it takes around an hour or + to reach the top of the Chamundi Hills Mysore. But if you are a fitness freak, it should be 40 minutes to the top. Note: Mahabaleshwara temple is just behind the Chamundeswari temple and can be visited together on your visit.

Visitor Information

Fee: The entry is free for DharmaDarshan (The free Queue).
Note: But if you are in a hurry, there are pay and visit queues ranging from 30,50, 100, 500, and occasionally 1000/- (Depending on the season) available.

Chamundi Hills Mysore timings:
(i) 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM
(ii) 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM
(iii) 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM – The Chamundi hills house the Sri Chamundeswari Temple which is open from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm every day, while it closes during lunchtime and at twilight.

Duration to Darshan: The visit duration is estimated to be an hour or two.

Phone: 0821-2590027

Nearby Attractions

Chamundi Hills Mysore 12 - Mahishasura Statue
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Nearby Restaurants

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  • The Old House
  • Spring
  • Hotel Hanumanthu
The Chamundi Hills Mysore is a must-visit if you are visiting the Heritage city. If you are a Nature lover and a Photo Freak, then this spot is for you. Please, ensure you check out this fabulous checkpoint on your visit to Mysore.

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