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Devaraja Urs Road Mysore (officially, D Devaraj Urs Road, named after the quondam reformist chief minister of the state) is in fact the road that passes through the foremost marketable area of Mysore megacity.

This road stands within the center of an old position called Devaraja Mohalla. This won’t be a domestic area with a daily request at a corner. That daily request is now the Devaraja Market. 

The road that versed the middle of Devaraja Mohalla is expanded into Devaraj Urs Road Mysore with numerous ultramodern shops and structures attached on either side, replacing the quondam terracotta encamped houses. 

You’ll still see a variety of these old houses on the lanes behind the structure on either side of Devaraj Urs Road Mysore. Now, this may be a busy marketable road in Mysore.

Devaraj Urs Road Mysore 06 - Empty road Looks

For a caller to the megacity, it is a few km long perambulations with no particular intention of shopping. On the Mysore, megacity colludes you will find the Devaraj Urs Road Mysore in an exceedingly very east-west exposure with the West End joining the JLB Road slightly south of Mysore terminal and so the east end collectively of the roads radiating out of the KR Circle, which is virtually the northwest corner of Mysore Palace. 

Devaraj Urs Road Mysore 07 - Food facilities

Devaraja Urs Road Mysore Shops especially the fabric shops and deaneries-are packed during the jubilee seasons, month onsets (celebrating payment day!), and weekends during this order. Devaraj Urs Road Mysore is all about shopping and (once you get tired of shopping) a little amount of sunshine dining too. 

You’ll fluently get a violent coffee smell as you walk on Devaraj Urs Road Mysore from the chaotic KR Circle end. That’s because there are a pair of shops that vend coffee grease paint on this side of the road. You’ll buy select coffee sap and acquire it ground right ahead of you. People specific about the taste (people rather like the chicory blend in colorful situations) get their’ customized’ coffee greasepaint from similar shops. 

This could be in discrepancy with the standard coffee packets one picks from the supermarkets. The complete coffee greasepaint business lets out an honest position of aroma. However, and unfit to trace the shop by smell, arouse Usha Tea & Coffee Company, If try to search out buying coffee sap or greasepaint. They’re located nearly midway on your right as you walk towards JLB Road on Devaraj Urs Road Mysore.

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Location of Devaraj Urs Road Mysore

Devaraj Urs road Mysore is almost a mile in length. There are many parallel roads to Devaraj Urs Road Mysore and a total two-kilometer square area makes up the downtown of Mysore city. The street has an east-west orientation. K.R.Circle is close and located near the northwest corner of Mysore palace and Devaraj Urs Road starts here. JLB Road adjoins the Devaraj Urs road Mysore near Maharani’s College for women.

The pin code of Devaraj Urs Road Mysore is – 570001

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Important Landmarks

  • Lakshmi Hayagreeva Institute
  • Jain Bhavan
  • Freedom fighters Situate
  • Sushrutha Eye Hospital
  • Marimallappa School
  • Karnataka Lokayukta
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce

Nature of business

Devaraj Urs Road Mysore 08 - Shopping

D Devaraj Urs Road Mysore is the most notorious marketable road in Mysore. It has stores that stock products ranging from clothes to home décor and ménage particulars to vehicle accouterments. Showrooms of nearly every life and vesture brand fleck this request and therefore, it’s an absolute paradise for the shopaholics.

Utmost of the shops within the Devaraj Urs Road Mysore are those dealing with clothes and beautifiers. There also are branches of leading banks then. Caffs aren’t numerous but many of them are available within the resemblance roads. Parking is allowed on one side of the road. for cars and the other for two-wheeler halts. There’s only 1 eating place, but the smell of coffee permeates the atmosphere because there are numerous shops dealing with fresh coffee grease paint. All structures on this road have an analogous facade.

Devaraja Market

Devaraj Urs Road Mysore 09 - Road Looks from Public

Devaraja Market on Sayyaji Rao Road has a history of over a hundred years. No wonder this is the most popular request in Mysore! Although there are many small entrances that will take you into the center of this request, you can enter through the north entrance on Duffer near the clock tower or the south entrance near Dhanvantri Road. Whip the request as much as you want and absorb the soul of the request.

The request was fulfilled before dawn, and took on a tantalizing, fresh twist every day as shopkeepers poured in the fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers they offered straight from the barn. The amazing thing about this requirement is that the product is fresh and organic, not rolled out of cold storage.

D Devaraj Urs Road Mysore is the most famous commercial street in Mysore. It has stores which stock products ranging from clothes to home décor and household items to vehicle kits. Showrooms of almost every lifestyle and apparel brand dot this market and thus, it is an absolute paradise for the shopaholics.

Top Hotels Devaraj Urs Rd Mysore, Karnataka

Devaraj Urs Road Mysore 10 - Food Points
  • Advaitha Residency
  • Southern Star Mysore
  • Rooftop Retreat
  • Royal Orchid Metropole Mysore
  • Hotel Mayura Hoysala Mysuru
  • Shree Guru Residency
  • Mannars Residency

Open Street festival Mysore

The conception, introduced last time for the first time to mark World Tourism Day, in the megacity, had entered a huge response. In view of avoiding vexation to the marketable establishments on Devaraja Urs Road, giving a commodious venue for the event, and grease ample parking space to the callers, the organizers have zeroed in on Krishnaraja Boulevard.

The quarter administration conducted the first two editions of the Open Street Festival on Devaraj Urs Road Mysore, during Dasara in September to mark World Tourism Day and during winter jubilee in December 2017. The idea was to attract a further number of excursionists. Sometimes the Open Street Festival is held on this road.

The Krishnaraja Boulevard is about one kilometer long, beginning from the underground junction near Ballal Circle, and ends at Hunsur Road junction. It’s also one of the roads linked for its heritage value. It’s also one of the roads linked for its heritage value. It’s dotted with numerous major structures like Oriental Library, Maharaja’s College, Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Court complex, and Yuvarajas College. The majestic Crawford Hall of the University of Mysore is also located then.

It’s also accessible for merchandisers to spread their shops by the roadsides. One gets nearly everything from piping hot sludge coffee, converse particulars, samosas, and south Indian delectables to mollycoddle your taste kids, temporary tattoo shops, oils others. The double road has an ample space to host artistic programmers, to make the day memorable.

Best Restaurants in Mysore

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