Lakshman Mess Mysore -Best Homely Food service (Review)

Lakshman Mess Mysore

(Lakshman Mess Mysore) Mysuru has always been a city of rich culture and heritage which we have been a huge fan of. Every visit to Mysuru is always versatile; I really look forward to the different types of food cultures Mysuru has to offer. One such food is the famous Mysuru Mutton Pulov. There are multiple eateries that perfect this dish and have their own personal touch. 

Some of these eateries go back decades and even generations. One of these is the Lakshman Mess Mysore located at the City Corporation, KR Mohalla.

Backstory of Lakshman Mess Mysore:

Lakshman Mess Mysore 06

This Restaurant goes back nearly 4 decades. The place which started out as a pushcart to feed underprivileged people eventually moved into a residential property and turned into a full-fledged restaurant. The owner of the restaurant has the motive to feed customers premium food for a very minimalistic cost. I was really eager to try their dishes out. And I approached the restaurant for lunch with a huge appetite.

Ambience at Lakshman Mess Mysore:

Lakshman Mess Mysore 05

The restaurant located at Chamrajpura, KR Mohalla is very humble with a small passage with tables on either side of the passage. We entered the restaurant at 12pm when there were fewer crowds and as the time got closer to lunch time the place started to get occupied and then it felt like a packed house by 1:30. When there is an immense crowd, the restaurant opens up the first floor wing to accommodate the customers.

Menu of Lakshman Mess Mysore:

Lakshman Mess Mysore 04

The restaurant has a very basic menu. The owner of the restaurant believes in Quality over Quantity which was their mission statement, and this is what has made them a very successful establishment.

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Starters - Lakshman Mess Mysore:

Lakshman Mess Mysore 01

We started with Leg soup (Paya Soup) as anyone would when they enter a military-style restaurant. The leg soup was great with having more ginger, garlic, and pepper; which was harsh to the throat as the leg soup should be. The Leg which was gelatin in form was easy to chew and packed with flavors

When the Boty arrived, we were told that the fast-moving and the most sold product of the establishment was the boty fry (Lamb intestine fry). We ordered both fries with the Mini Dosa. The Boty fry was packed with flavors and with the dosa it was just heavenly. I would recommend people to try the boty with the mini Dosa which was complimenting the boty in a soothing way. The boty on the other hand was cooked perfectly and was not very chewy and felt homemade.

The Mutton Kaima is also a must-try, which is soft to the touch, easily broken down, and melts in the mouth. The minced-up meat is cooked perfectly and has an adequate flavor and has tasty masala which is borrowed from the mutton chops. This dish would be best suited with the Dosa or Ildy that the establishment offers making it a great breakfast dish.

We also got the Mutton fry at our table, which was good in quantity and tasted marvelous. The mutton cooked perfectly, had good taste, and adequate seasoning, and was easy to bite into.

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Main course - Lakshman Mess Mysore:

Lakshman Mess Mysore 02

For our Main course we went with the Malabar Parota and Mutton Chops. The Parota was good with layers and soft to touch. It was a bit too rubbery for my liking but I could chew it without any difficulty. The Mutton chops we paired it with were flavorful and refreshing.  With all fresh ingredients used, it was really the star of the menu. The Lamb used had a layer of fat complimenting the soft mutton piece. I would suggest everyone to try this without fail.

Later we had to try the Ragi Ball with Chicken Korma. The Ragi ball was soft and easily broken down to bite sizes; the chicken korma had the same masala used for the Mutton chops which went well with the chicken too. Chicken was overcooked and the flesh was coming off the bones quiet easily.

What is a traditional Mysuru meal without the Mutton Pulov.? Then came the famous mutton pulov of Lakshman Mess. The pulov was served with raitha and gravy. The pulov is very mild in flavor and soothing to eat. It not very spicy or non of the flavors used were dominating. Children will enjoy the biryani comfortably as it isn’t very spicy. I am a spicy lover, I paired the mutton pulov with the mutton chops which was the best combination I believe. The spicy flavors of the chops really compliment the mild pulov enriching the taste and make it more mouth watering desire.


Q- Is the Lakshman Mess Mysore really a redeemable restaurant?

  • Yes, the Lakshamn Mess Mysore is a homely restaurant, which cooks homemade style food for its valued customers.

Q-Which was the dish which completely stood out?

  • The mutton pulov was the main attraction; also the Mutton chops is a must try.

Q-Would I visit the restaurant again?

  • Yes, when I want my meat craving to be fulfilled Lakshman Mess Mysore is the name which comes to my mind.

My Rating:

Breakfast: 4.5/5

Lunch:      Main course: 4.5/5

                   Starters: 4/5


The final Verdict:

The Lakshman Mess Mysore is a restaurant which has come a long way in serving delicious, healthy and affordable food since three generations. They have their own recipes which have been passed on from the previous generations. The food here is very homely and affordable which makes it a safe and recurring place. So the Lakshman Mess Mysore gets a big Thumbs Up from my side.


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