Channagiri Karnataka - Best Trek Ever!

Channagiri Karnataka - Best Trek Ever!

Channagiri Karnataka: It rains about three months in a year. The wettest months in Channagiri Karnataka are from May 26 to October 6. There are more than 39% of days with rainfall in this region, and the most rainy days are in July and August. There are also many sunny days and almost no cloudy days.

Distance from Davanagere district

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The distance from Davanagere district to Channagire Karnataka is approximately 49 km or 30.6 miles. This is the crow flies distance and will vary slightly according to road conditions and the route taken. The distance is also affected by the curvature of the road.

Channagiri Karnataka is located in the Davanagere district. It is the district headquarters. There is a road connecting both these districts. The journey takes about 0 Days and 2 Hours and 43 Minutes. Since the distance is relatively short, it is advisable to plan your journey during the day. However, you must ensure that you have enough caffeine to last the duration.

Number of days of rain in a year in Channagiri Karnataka

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The number of days of rain in Channagiri Karnataka varies from year to year. The wetter months last for 4.4 months, from May 26 to October 6. The highest number of wet days are in July and August, with the lowest amount occurring in January. The drier months are much more common, lasting for 7.2 months. The average rainfall in Channagiri is 0.4 inches.

Wind speed in Channagiri is highly seasonal, with an extreme 3.3-month period from May 26 to September 6. The windiest month is July, with an average wind speed of 10.4 miles per hour. The calmer months are September and March.

Channagiri is more than 200 kilometers from the nearest reliable weather station. Therefore, the weather data used for this region are derived from NASA’s MERRA-2 satellite-era reanalysis, which combines wide-area measurements to reconstruct hourly weather history on a 50-kilometer grid. In addition, temperatures and dew points are corrected for differences in elevation between the grid cell and reference elevation.

The cool season in Channagiri Karnataka lasts for 6.7 months, with an average daily high temperature of 58degF or less. December is the coldest month, with an average low of 58degF and a high of 82degF. In the summer, the temperature is in the nineties. This is the most popular time for tourism in Channagiri.

Average percentage of sky covered by clouds in Channagiri

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The average percentage of sky covered by clouds in Channigiri varies greatly throughout the year. In mid-November to mid-March, the average hourly wind speed is 10.4 miles per hour, while it is calmest in mid-March. The wind direction is generally from the west, with the lowest average daily wind speed recorded in March.

Channagiri’s topography is relatively flat, with modest elevation changes and an average elevation of 2,232 feet. The terrain is mostly flat, with ninety-four percent covered in trees and cropland. The average annual temperature in Channagiri is 44.4°F, with highs in the summer and lows in winter.

The rainy season in Channagiri Karnataka is intensely seasonal, with most rain falling in July and the least during January. The average percentage of sky covered by clouds in Channagiri varies widely throughout the year, though it is usually more than fifty percent during July.

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The length of day in Channagiri Karnataka is six hours and forty-two minutes, with the longest day falling on March 31. The black line represents the number of hours the Sun is visible, while the colored bands denote full daylight, twilight, and night.

The amount of sky covered by clouds in Channa Giri varies greatly, depending on when they fall and the time of day. Generally, a clear day will have one-tenth of the sky covered, while a partly cloudy day will have four to seven-tenths of the sky covered.

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Number of days of snow in Channagiri Karnataka

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The number of days of snow in Channagiris varies considerably with the seasons. The wetter season lasts from May 26 to October 6, and there are more than 39% wet days in these months. The drier season lasts for 7.6 months and is usually dry.

The climate in Channagiri is temperate, with daytime temperatures reaching 83degF and nighttime temperatures dipping to 64degF. During November, the area receives an average of 4.85 inches of rain. There are also 6 days with significant rainfall during this time.

The topography of Channagiri Karnataka has moderate variations in elevation. The average elevation is 2,232 feet. There are small changes in elevation within 10 miles and large variations within 50 miles. Most of the area is covered in trees and cropland. Despite the high elevation, the region is covered by 94% cropland.

The cool season lasts for 6.7 months. This period is characterized by low temperatures in the seventies and eighties. The coldest month is December, with an average high of 58degF and low temperatures of 82degF. Channagiri is considered safe to visit during the cool season, but you must be careful to stay in layers to stay warm.


Guide to Channagiri Karnataka

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