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Explore the Top 6 Candle Light Dinner Places in Bangalore


The Candle Light Dinner segment is really unique and people who are in a real love story always dream of their candle light dinner with their loved one.

This is our list of top 6 places in Bangalore to have extravagant Candle Night Dinner in Bangalore.

1.Luxurious and Fun Private Movie Date

Candle Light Dinner in Bangalore

Cost: ₹5000/ couple

Location :  Cherish X private theatre, HSR Layout, Bangalore.

Phone: 080106 79679


If Netflix and Chill would be a dream, this place would make that perfect dream into Reality. The Best

The 135 inch screen spread across a Home Theatre made just for the two, makes this one of the top places for a Romantic evening with your loved one. With an alluring decor , and a candle light dinner setup made to enhance your mood even further.

With the Dolby 7.2.1 surround system, just emerges you into the movie experience, with your romantic one.

The Candle light dinner is exceptional and I would really recommend you to add that on the package. The decorations of this private screen are limitless and make it the best place for proposals and other occasions.

Your date here will be the best experience you’ve had watching movies. The private movie dates are really an exciting surprise and I know your other half would be blown away!

2. Private Outdoor Candle light Dinner at The Park, MG Road

Candle Light Dinner in Bangalore

Cost: ₹7099/ couple

Location: The Park Bangalore.

Phone: 080 2559 4666

The Park is known for its rooftop Parties and Overview look of the city rooms, but did you know this Establishment is also known for its perfect fine dine private dinners. This would be the perfect setup for your Partner’s heart to melt and have an overwhelming dinner in the best 5 Star Hotel in Bangalore.

The lush green lawn with the cleanly decorated table is what The Park park offers and delivers for customer’s satisfaction.

This is definitely a recommended place for proposal or an intimate dinner with your loved one.

A 3 course meal with class leading starters and main courses and the soothing desert with definitely put a smile on the loved one. Your Partner will surely appreciate you for the really romantic Candle Light Dinner in Bangalore.


3. Rim Naam , The Oberoi

Location: The Oberoi, MG road

Cost: ₹3000/couple

Phone: 08025585858

If you are looking for a secluded place in Nature, the Rim Naam is the perfect place for you. Rim Naam meaning ‘By the Water’ is an amazing nature themed private intimate candle light dinner setup, one would dream of. Secluded in the Private Garden houses in The Oberoi, Rim Naam should be on your list for Candle Light Dinners.

The Garden in the Oberoi is the most unique part of the star establishment. With rare plantation surrounding the seating area, giving the dine with nature feeling.

Your loved one will definitely be delighted to be with you at such a beautiful scenery and will make their heart heavy.

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4. Gufha, The President Hotel

Candle Light Dinner in Bangalore

Location: The President Hotel, Jayanagar

Cost: ₹1200

Phone: 08025585858

This is the most pocket friendly restaurants in Bangalore. Housed in the President Hotel in Jayanagar. This restaurant is a cave themed eatery which makes the best North Indian, Afghani and Pakistan dishes , clubbed together to make a perfect menu.

With the best setup bar available at this location brings more fun to having the perfect evening with the loved one. If you are looking forward for a mysterious, dark, old school themed restaurants for a romantic evening with your one. This would be the best place to go.

The must try dish’s are Chicken curry, Paneer Tikka Pahadi Kebab, Ruswali Kebab, Arvi Chatpata Masala and Mashawa soup. With Best North Indian menu, this will be the perfect setup for you and your loved one. Surely should be on your Candle Light Dinner in Bangalore.

Here’s a list of the dreamiest romantic resorts for couples in Mysore that you must visit at least once – because we all deserve to pamper our bee once in a while.

There are numerous locations in Mysore for couples with a purpose to absolutely make your ride a success one. 

5. Tropical Vegan Candle Light

Candle Light Dinner in Bangalore

Location: Sadashiv Nagar, Armane Nagar, Bangalore

Cost: 2500/ couple

Phone: 08040931166

Dine in with the Tropical Vegan Candle Light Dinner with the best in class vegan dishes being the main USP of the place.

The flavourful dishes with a wide variety to choose from will excel your palate and leave you stunned with what vegan food would taste like.

The 4- course contemporary Vegan dishes will be served with the Candle Light dinner options, one of the best tasting Vegan dishes that will overwhelm your loved one.

The surrounding have a lush green environment which is instilling life all throughout your time there.


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6. Dinner by Golf Course

Candle Light Dinner in Bangalore

Location: Kolar, Bangarpete Road

Cost: 3000/ couple

This institution is the best place to get off steam off town life and get into some golf view Candle light dinners near the district of Kolar with seldom people around to spend your time together. With a 3 course meal headed your way with the most secluded part of the golf course with only you and your loved one will have a really romantic time there.

Could be the place to pop that question and surely makes a perfect backdrop for such occasions. The silence and the green background is just beautiful to gaze at. With a private butler, the place is just an extravagant affair. Definitely Recommend.

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