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It’s an ordinary work day in summer. Its early afternoon under the raised foundation of the metro at Schlesisches Peak in Berlin-Kreuzberg, in excess of 50 individuals line up before a rare public latrine office. Here we meet the Burgermeister.

It’s because of our Burgers. Individuals frequently wonder and can’t comprehend the reason why individuals will line in a boisterous and occupied place for so long. Be that as it may, eventually, everybody concurs: The burger was worth the effort.



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Contact Burgermeister Mysore​

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Monday          8AM – 10:45PM

Tuesday        8AM – 10:45PM

Wednesday  8AM – 10:45PM

Thursday      8AM – 10:45PM

Friday            8AM – 10:45PM

Saturday        8AM – 10:45PM

Sunday          8AM – 10:45PM

Brief about Burgermeister Mysore​:

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Back in 2003, I saw this exquisite spot. At the point when I was out with a companion one night, I saw the structure – an unnoticeable spot, shut and completely deteriorated.

I made an inquiry or two all over the place, from one power to another, and even went to the memorable landmarks security authority. However, no one could give me data.

At long last, it worked out that this loo had a proprietor, an organization that needed to repair the latrine and return it for public use. Be that as it may, nothing had changed for quite some time.

I found somebody in the municipal center who could give me more data. It was said that this rare latrine office is legacy secured and would be destroyed and put away.

It was difficult. I called on many times and was on the telephone until I at long last got an arrangement. The representative was exceptionally great, yet in addition, warranted concern and let me know there was a gamble to open a cheap food joint on such a traffic island at this junction.

Be that as it may, I had the option to persuade him with my assurance – I would convey the gamble alone. Likewise, I needed to deal with the planning and redesign. Consequently, I would get the rent and would need to deal with proper circumstances: notable landmarks assurance authority, BVG

The beautiful garden spreads across more than 60 Acres. The garden provides a tremendous structure – it has three terraces and ends in a horseshoe shape.

The timings for the entry start in the morning from 8 AM and closes in the evening at 8 PM. The best time to visit will the evenings once the lights illuminate the beauty of the water. This is surely one great things to checkout on your trips to Mysore during the evenings and certainly a tops the list of Tourists Places at Mysore. 

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It was nearly in the middle between, in light of the fact that it didn’t work out as expected. At the point when the last, opened the entryway with a modeler, we remained in a storm cellar that was brimming with dry decay. The planner cautioned me “You’ll destroy yourself!”

For quite a while, nothing occurred. Be that as it may, when I reached another master, he gave me the go-ahead. Everything looked great; it very well may be fixed. A development organization did that in two days

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There are numerous locations in Mysore for couples with a purpose to absolutely make your ride a success one. 

Features of Burgermeister Mysore​:

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Another obstacle appeared to be accomplished. We could at last continue ahead with the structure. In any case, more challenges showed up with various requests from various specialists.

In any case, I adhered to my arrangement; we fabricated, painted, and finished up applications. For quite a long time, I have outfitted myself with a full-body security suit and veil and wrecked and cleaned everything all alone. Then, at that point, the drywall and power must be dealt with. It was all hands full. Eventually, from disclosure to consent to run the inexpensive food joint, required an entire 3 years.

We need to make it considerably more charming for individuals here later on. There’s actually no need to focus on the line getting longer or the number of orders being higher. We arrived at the most extreme. The main thing is and consistently will be the fulfillment of individuals who need to partake in a burger during their relaxation time.


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Burgermeister Mysore - PROCESS & INGREDIENTS:

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Continually Working on THE RECIPE

A modern region in Berlin – Tempelhof Where the organization Pfennig once made its meat salad; Burgermeister is these days chipping away at making the best recipes. Furthermore, consistently, a large number of buns and new meat are conveyed to eateries. One man knows each part of this business. He is the pioneer behind the Burgermeister discussion.

As far as we might be concerned, everything without a doubt revolves around quality. It consumes a lot of time and cash. Financially it would check out to purchase our meat from the butchery and our burger buns from a pastry shop. We have been there previously.

Our ongoing achievement is the aftereffect of difficult work and gaining from botches that we have made previously. In any case, when you need the best quality, you need to do things yourself.

Food Menu in Burgermeister Mysore

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  1. Mexican Chilli Cheese Burger
  2. Gourmet Mushroom Explosion
  3. Shredded Oink Explosion with Bacon
  4. Classic Bacon & Ham
  5. Ultimate Shredded Chicken
  6. The OG Chicken Burger
  7. The Peppery Lamb
  8. Sinned Bacon Peanut Butter
  9. The OG Bacon and Cheese
  10. Sloppy Joe’s Special
  11. Fully Loaded American Cheese Burger
  12. Double Chicken Trouble
  13. The Shredded Oink N Cheese Burger
  14. Meister Fried Chicken Wings
  15. Saucy Texas BBQ Wings
  16. Fully Loaded Nachos – Non-Veg
  17. Fully Loaded Nachos Veg
  18. Oreo Overload
  19. Belgium Choco Shake
  20. Nutella Surprise
  21. Coffee N Cream
  22. Hazelnut Brownie
  23. Snicker Bomb
  24. Brownie
  25. Cookie Dough Thick shakes
  26. Classic Cookie Dough Thickshake
  27. Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough Thickshake
  28. Coffee Cookie Dough Thickshake

    These are some of the best items available in Burgermeister Mysore.

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