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Tegu Mess in Mysore

On the off chance that you like Indian food, come to this café. Attempt great soup, stew chicken, and idli at Tegu Mess. Various guests mark that the staff is thoroughly prepared here. Most visitors note that the assistance is cool. Likewise, clients suggest this spot as a result of low costs.

At the point when you enter this spot, give your consideration to the agreeable mood. This spot is appraised on Google 4.2 by its visitors.



#5, First Floor, 6th Cross, Adipampa Rd, Vani Vilas Mohalla, Mysuru, Karnataka 570002, India

Contact of Tegu Mess in Mysore:

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Contact number: +91 95352 26225

The establishment is functional on

Monday: – Closed

Tuesday: – 6:30 Am – 3:30 Pm | 7:00 Pm – 10:30 Pm

Wednesday: – 6:30 Am – 3:30 Pm | 7:00 Pm – 10:30 Pm

Thursday: – 6:30 Am – 3:30 Pm | 7:00 Pm – 10:30 Pm

Friday: – 6:30 Am – 3:30 Pm | 7:00 Pm – 10:30 Pm

Saturday: – 6:30 Am – 3:30 Pm | 7:00 Pm – 10:30 Pm

Sunday: – 6:30 Am – 3:30 Pm | 7:00 Pm – 10:30 Pm

Brief about Tegu Mess in Mysore:

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Additionally recorded in Eateries, Food providers, Cafés with Offers, Veg Cooks and Economical Cafés (Beneath Rs 500) and so forth. Tegu Mess in Vv Mohalla is perhaps the most dependable name in the field. They have gotten a 4.1 rating from their clients. Their administration/item range incorporates South Indian, Home Conveyance, and so forth, all suitable at serious costs. To make the value-based experience bother-free for clients, they acknowledge numerous methods of installment, for example, Money, Expert Card, Visa Card, Charge Cards, Checks, and MasterCard. The best chance to reach them is whenever between 06:30-19:00 – 15:30-22:30.

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Features about Tegu Mess in Mysore:

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Tegu Mess in Mysore as the name suggests is a mess that serves some lip-smacking Maratha Cuisine. The restaurant is pretty small with steel tables and chairs, so the ambiance is out of the question here.

If you are a spice lover you will love the dishes here, although they are famous for their pepper chicken chops. I am fonder of their chili chicken chops, like I said, it’s tearing up spicy, the chili chicken chops and they are fluffy idly are a match made in heaven, just divine. Many of their customers love to pair their spicy gravies with their ghee rice too, however, my favorite combo from here is the idly with the Chili Chicken Chops.

The restaurant opens as early as 6 AM to serve these non-veg delicacies, if you are here in the morning, don’t forget to ask for their complimentary leg soup, its super refreshing and rich.

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Menu at Tegu Mess in Mysore:

Tegu Mess in Mysore 05


  • Idli (Pcs)
  • Pepper Chicken
  • Chilli Chicken
  • Botti Gojju
  • Idli (1Pcs)
  • Ghee Rice

Evening Menu

  • Neer Dosa (4 Pcs)
  • Ghee Rice
  • Chicken Pulao
  • Green Chicken Chops
  • Chicken Pulao
  • Fish Curry

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Combo offers in Tegu Mess in Mysore:

Tegu Mess in Mysore 06


  • Combo 2 – Idle(1 Pcs), Neer Dosa (2 Pcs), Ghee Rice, Chicken Curry
  • Combo 3 – (2 Pcs) Neer Dosa, Ghee Rice, Choice Of Mutton Curry Or Chicken Curry Or Fish Curry


  • Mutton + Chicken Mixed Meals
  • Mutton+ Keema Mixed Meal
  • Chicken+ Keema Mixed Meals
  • Green Chicken Chops
  • Pepper Chicken Chops
  • Mutton Line
  • Chilly Chicken
  • Pepper Chicken Chops

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