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Orion Mall is by far the biggest mall on the north-west side of Bangalore. It is so big and well organised that the customers will have a great time in commuting in it. The Orion Mall Bangalore is class apart with the most modern touches given to it making it a very classy place to spend with your family and friends.


orion mall bangalore

The Orion Mall Situated on the Brigade Gateway is the best experience you can have in shopping and having fun activities.

The Entrance of the Mall lies on Dr. Rajkumar road which is connecting the City Centre Majestic to Tumkur Road.

With adequate parking and super innovative design, The Orion Mall Bangalore is truly an extraordinary enterprise which will give you a lot of Joy.

The outer walls of the Orion Mall Bangalore have complete Glass Panels around it, giving complete airy feeling and also a spectacular view of the World Trade Centre.

The Backyard of the Orion Bangalore consist of the same Glass Paneling of the Mall opening to an Artificial Lake which also houses the World Trade Centre and the Sheraton Grand in the same Area.

The Backside of the Orion Mall has spectacular View of the Tall World Trade Centre with the artificial lake making it an amazing treat to the eye. Truly feeling like we are on the far west side of the World and really breathtaking architecture.

The clean interiors and the glass walled shops are very pleasing to look at.


orion mall bangalore

The Orion Mall Bangalore is the best place to spend your time with family and friends. The Orion Mall Bangalore is one of the biggest malls presently in Bangalore. You will find all kinds of apparel and the varies types of Clothing and Articles.

The TimeZone in the Orion Mall Bangalore is an amazing place to have fun with kids and also adults. The Games are stretched out into a large layout where you can have a blast. With amazing Car Games, to Clay Picking games, there’s everything inside the TimeZone.

There is also a toddler Place which is safe Let Children play. With all the play area covered, makes a safe place for your kids.

There’s a Bowling Alley in the Orion Mall Bangalore, which makes it an amzing place to show your skills of the line. The well maintained Alley truly gives the best feeling while Bowling.

Restaurants in the Orion Mall Bangalore - Level 2

orion mall bangalore

Popeyes – for sizzling Hot Fried Chicken and their lip-smacking burgers, do drop in Popeyes for a Meal at the Orion Mall Bangalore.

The Deccan Biryani- for the tasty Andra Meals and an entirely Indian Cuisine to feast on.

GoPizza- for tasty pizza with amazing toppings, flavourful sauce, do visit GoPizza at the Orion Mall Bangalore.

Roll Junction- for a juicy and delicious roll, you can drop down to Roll Junction for quick and savoury rolls which will fill your stomach and give you a smile after every bite.

Wow! China- for amazing Chinese cuisines with authentic ingredients used, the Wow! China will fulfil your needs in the Orion Mall Bangalore.

Nagas- for authentic Andra and Hyderabadi dishes, the Nagas never fail to deliver what it promises. Visit Nagas for the best Andra cuisine youll find at the Orion Mall Bangalore

KFC- for finger licking good fried chicken, you know no where else then KFC. Visit KFC in the Orion Mall Bangalore to have a fun filled meal with the best fried chicken in the world.

Taco Bell- for the freshest and tacky Tacos in the Orion Mall in Bangalore you have to visit Taco Bell. The multi national chain of tacos is known world wide for its taste and vibrancy.

Aaha Andra- authentic Andra style biryani is their best seller. Andra Meals also a must try.

Domino’s – the multinational establishment has nothing to be said. The cheesy delight from here is the best meal you will have..

Wow Momo-for the momo driven people , here are the variety momos available at Wow Momo.

Empire-for all those non veg lovers, empire is always there with their open arms to fulfil your Delight.

California Burritos-for a person with a big Appetite , the California Burritos is will fill your stomach for a worthwhile.

Sukh Sagar- for a proper South India and North Indian Dining, the Sukh Sagar offers amazing dish’s that will bestow you.

Baskin Robbins-After a Perfect Meal, you can entitle yourself to the Baskin Robbins. Do remember for Waffle Cones, they’re home made and a must try.

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You can also get your car washed at the Parking at the Orion Mall Bangalore and have a premium clean cabin of your car interior.

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