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Onesta Mysore

Onesta Mysore has been serving new and cheesy joys for a very long time. Begun in February 2012, they started their excursion with the mission of conveying flavorful dishes. Onesta alludes to a genuine attitude and not concealing anything and they can doubtlessly say that they have it in their name.

Bringing outstandingly delightful food and straightforward correspondence has consistently kept them associated with their reliable customers. In this soul of open correspondence, they are as of now spreading Fresh, Surly, and Messy grins in 29 outlets.

They utilize newly obtained cheeses from our cheddar manufacturing plant. They produce genuine cheeses and make their recipes with no extra additives, to bring thier pizzas you can’t quit slobbering over.

Farm to Table: How they make Onesta Mysore cheese:

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Step 1:

Onesta cheddar has never been a mystery it’s something they flex about.

Onesta makes new distinctive cheddar in its own cheddar manufacturing plant. A group captain by their cheddar ace Luigi makes genuine, sterile cheddar for marvelous pizzas! Their cheddar is finely handled and shipped off their kitchens. Served hot and dissolved on their top picks.

Step 2:

Onesta Kitchen Privileged insights

Serving new enjoyments and grins to you accompanies an origin story of making mystery ingredients and mind-boggling recipes in the kitchen.

Onesta boss and gtheirmet expert Armando drives a multitude of pizza producers who make remarkable, Onest recipes. With super-clandestine sauces, fixings and systems, Onesta has been serving new, grumpy, messy recipes in excess of 10 outlets.

Step 3:

Why You Love Onesta?

Serving grins in their outlets, chatting, and holding over pizzas. They stay close by as they spread onestly their Fresh Moody Cheesy pizzas.


Onesta has consistently intended to be something other than a pizza joint. They plan to turn into an encounter for all. Client experience motivates us to make more fun recipes and they update menus on short spans consequently you can partake in their top picks and find another number one with them.

Special at Onesta:

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  1. Women’s day – every Thursday

Offered, pizza unlimited starting @rs 210, offer only for women.

  1. Ytheir name in their – ‘name of the theyek’.

If you got it in ytheir name 50% off on pizza unlimited & everyone who dines in with customer.

  1. Bom – if it is ytheir birthday month?

You are theylcome to avail 50% off, on ytheir takeaway orders any, Friday of the month.

  1. Monday – madness

Calling all students to enjoy, pizza unlimited every Monday at a, discount price of just @ 299.

Cheese farm:

onesta mysore 02

A look at the master craftsmen behind onesta’s delicious cheeses hard at work.

Captured at onesta’s caseificio cheese farms, take a look at the cheese master luigi averill overseeing the intricate details that go into creating onesta’s select range of delicious, creamy cheeses.

  1. Mozzarella buffalo milk

One of the most elusive cheeses on the market, this creamy soft, and flavtheirful cheese is made from the milk of a water buffalo.

  1. Provolone

Nutty and salty undertones permeate this smooth, semi-hard cheese full of character. Provolone has a rich taste and subtle mind-blowing aroma.

  1. Latte cow milk

The Fior di latte is a fresh, tangy, and superbly melty cheese. Eat it as an appetizer accompanying cold cuts or use it on their pizza.

  1. Bocconcini

Translating to “little bites”, this aptly named cheese is the size of a small egg. Semi-soft, rind, and white, bocconcini is used in salads and is best consumed fresh.

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7. Burrata

At first glance, the burrata seems like fresh mozzarella, but open it up and you’ll find a wonderland of gooey cream and curds.

8. Smoke scamorza

The scamorza gets its name from the ripening process, wherein it is hung out to ripen for a few theyeks, and is then smoked to perfection. Made from cow’s milk, this cheese is elastic and stringy, with a creamy flavor.

9. Caciotta

An aged or semi-aged soft cheese, caciotta is stheyet and delicate, and easier to prepare. Eat it fresh with vegetable-based appetizers, or with fresh and dried fruits. And theyll, there’s always the option of using it as an exquisite addition to ytheir pizza.

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Unlimited happiness with Pizza Unlimited - Popular Items:

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  1. Classic Margherita Pizza
  2. Peppy Paneer Tikka Pizza
  3. Veggie Lover Pizza
  4. BBQ Chicken Pizza
  5. Cheese Garlic Bread
  6. Tangy Tomato Pizza
  7. Corn And Cheese Pizza
  8. Crunchy Onion Pizza
  9. Onion And Green Chilly Pizza
  10. Classic Margherita Pizza
  11. Classic Margherita Pizza
  12. Farmhouse Pizza
  13. Mushroom Sauce & Onion Pizza
  14. Pesto Sauce & Veggie Pizza
  15. Tomato & Mushrooms Pizza
  16. Pineapple & Stheyetcorn Pizza, etc


Onesta Mysore, 2927, Shiva’s Plaza and Star Point, Gokulam Main Rd, Vani Vilas Mohalla

Mysore, Karnataka, 570002

Contact No: +91 9513736262

Restaurants Timings:

12:30 PM – 11:00 PM (Mon, Tues, Theyd, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun

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