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Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole is derived its name from Naga, which means snake and Hole refers to streams. Nagarhole National Park, otherwise called Rajiv Gandhi Public Park, is a wildlife reserve in the South Indian province of Karnataka. Part of the Nilgiris Biosphere Hold, the recreation area is supported by the Brahamagiri Mountains and loaded up with sandalwood and teak trees.

The Kabini Waterway runs through wilderness scenes, home to tigers, Asian elephants, and various birds. Close by, the Irupu Falls overflowed down tree-lined rocks.

This park was declared the 37th Tiger Reserve of India in 1999.

The park has rich forest cover, small streams, hills, valleys, and waterfalls, and populations of Bengal tiger, gaur, Indian elephant, Indian leopard, chital, and Sambar deer.

This Ranks as the #1 National Reserve.


Address: Nagarhole Tiger Reserve Forest Campus, Old BM Rd, Hunsur, Karnataka 571105

Contact of Nagarhole National Park:

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Contact Number: 082222 52041

Operating hours: 9 AM to 9 PM

Mobile: +91-8884 467 467 / 98451 18000

WhatsApp: +91-9845118222

Brief about Nagarhole National Park:

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It was established in the year 1955 as a wildlife sanctuary and later it increased its radius to about 650 km. It was upgraded into a national park in the year in 1988 and later declared as a tiger reserve in 1988.

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Greenery in Nagarhole National Park:

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The vegetation here consists of mainly North-western Ghats moist deciduous forests with teak, and rosewood in the southern parts of the forest. There are Central Deccan Plateau dry deciduous forests with Pala indigo and thorny wattle towards the east. There are some sub-montane valley swamp forests with several species of the Eugenia genus.

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Mammals in Nagarhole National Park:

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The important predators and carnivores in the park are:

  • Bengal Tiger
  • Indian Leopard.
  • Dhole
  • Golden Jackal
  • Sloth Bear
  • Barking Deer
  • Stripe-necked mongoose

There are a number of animals available to be witnessed and have a click. You would have to be lucky to see this rare species in its natural habitat which make it even more interesting and joyful to have a visit here.

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Birds in Nagarhole National Park:

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In the recent discovery, we have been informed that over 250 species of birds are available here which is an amazing record to be recognized. A few are listed below:

·       blue-bearded bee-eater

·       Greater spotted eagle (Aquila changa)

·       Darters (Anhniga melanogaster)

·       Grey headed fish eagle (Icthyophaga ichthyaetus)

·       Malabar grey hornbill

·       Indian peafowl (Pavo cristatus)

·       Yellow-footed green pigeon


Likewise, you can also find many reptiles and insects which are also available.


To know the in-depth of this place you can just click on:


They also have a safari available which costs roughly about Rs 150/- for Indians and Rs 1500/- for foreigners. The safari is available between 6:45 AM to 8:45 AM in the morning and from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM in the evening on all days of the week.

The best time to visit this place would be between April to May when the waterholes are dry, and the creatures emerge to visit the lake. By the by, the weather patterns are additionally satisfying from November to February.

Safari Timings at Nagarhole National Park:

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  • Morning 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM
  • Evening 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM for one hour Ride.


This is one of the most reputed places where people or visitors being an Indian or a Foreigner are treated with upmost respect and safely. Since this is a located in the middle of the forest the staff are very well trained. Not only the staff most of the animals are even trained (the ones with which the visitors would like to mingle with).

You can have a wild experience here where you can feel the old time back like stay in cottages, having a camp fire and feeling the cold breeze of the forest along with the mesmerizing sounds of the birds and even animals.

They provide you with an open hut along with a camp fire available with seating where you can cook food and eat, or you can just sleep next to the camp fire fell the warmth of the fire and enjoy the cold breeze of the forest under the night sky where they provide you tents along with sleeping bags to sleep in if you wish too.

In morning you can just visit the river nearby and have a swim in the cold water. A heads-up is the temperature of the water would depend on the weather so it would be beat to visit during the summer seasons.

Q & A:

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  1. Do they have a lodging facility?

        Ans: Yes, a lodging facility is available, but rates differ for Indians and Outsiders.

  1. Is Chinese food available?

       Ans: Since this Is located in the forest, they prefer to serve only Indian dishes in a fashioned way.

  1. Do they have a party hall?

       Ans: Party Hall is unavailable, but they provide you with an open hut with a campfire available with seating.

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