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Mysuru Kaapi

Mysuru has a very large group of people who are very precise with the way their authentic Mysuru coffee should taste, and many such individuals would like to relate to the traditionally made Mysuru Kaapi.

The fresh roasted and ground coffee beans are dispensed in the coffee filter which is sedimented with the hot water to make the steaming hot decoction.  The freshly made decoction is mixed with the cream/milk with sugar to make the ultimate blend of south Indian coffee.


Address:  1) University Of Mysore Campus, Mysuru, Karnataka 570006

2) 7JXP+GGP, Railway Gate Rd, K.G Koppal, Chamarajapuram Mohalla, Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka 570009

3) K.G Koppal, Kukkarahalli, lake, Mysuru, Karnataka 570005 [Mobile Canteen]

Timings of Mysuru Kaapi

mysuru kaapi 01


Sunday 11 AM-8:30 PM

Monday               8:30AM-8:30PM

Tuesday               8:30AM-8:30PM

Wednesday         8:30AM-8:30PM

Thursday              8:30AM-8:30PM

Friday                   8:30AM-8:30PM

Saturday              8:30AM-8:30PM


Sunday                8AM-9:30PM

Monday               8AM-9:30PM

Tuesday               8AM-9:30PM

Wednesday         8AM-9:30PM

Thursday              8AM-9:30PM

Friday                   8AM-9:30PM

Saturday              8AM-9:30PM

 KUKKARAHALLI [Mobile Canteen]

Sunday                 6AM-12PM

Monday  6AM-11AM&3PM-7PM

Tuesday  6AM-11AM&3PM-7PM

Wednesday 6AM-11AM&3PM-7PM

Thursday  6AM-11AM&3PM-7PM

Friday    6AM-11AM & 3PM-7PM

Saturday  6AM-11AM&3PM-7PM

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Brief about Mysuru Kaapi:

mysuru kaapi 02

Mysuru has a very large group of people who are very precise with the way their authentic Mysuru kaapi should taste like, and many such individuals would like to relate to the traditionally made mysuru coffee. The fresh roasted and ground coffee beans which are dispensed in the coffee filter which is sediment with the hot water to make the steaming hot decoction.  The freshly made decoction is mixed with the cream/milk with sugar to make the ultimate blend of south Indian coffee.

This Veg café started out as a coffee bar is now offering a range of snacks and delicacies along with the most popular dish there; i.e. the filter coffee. This establishment is spread out in the city in major areas like University of Mysuru, Chamrajpura and Kukkarahalli. All the three branches have the same authenticity of the coffee and the same tasting dishes throughout the eateries.

Anyone who would like to grab a cup of coffee or a fast dining option; this would be the ideal place to visit as it is easily accessible and their impeccable service. The mobile canteen {moving kitchen} is a food truck of sorts which travel around Kukkarahalli and Kuvempu Nagara set up station at convenient locations and proving tasty and fresh coffee. The food truck is usually assisted by two skilled men who make their fine ground. The restaurant also provides south Indian breakfast dishes such as Dosa, Idli, Vada pav, pav bhaji etc.

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Features of Mysuru Kaapi:

mysuru kaapi 03

The tea here too is a delicacy. The tea is cooked to perfections with flavors and also will be served in a matka(clay cups); which enrich the taste of the chai making it better. If the matka didn’t already bring a difference in your day the Mysuru Kappi provides the biscuit cup coffee/tea. Which is basically a coffee/tea poured into a cup made out of biscuits. The customers can easily take a bite into the cup as they are sipping down on their hot beverage. This is the most unique feature of this establishment I’ve experienced; and it is a must try too. If you don’t like your cup to made out of biscuit you can savour the soft and brittle benne biscuit (butter biscuit) or the salt biscuit with your beverage which is just ultimate to taste.

The Mysuru Kaapi is an establishment which aims to provide the best traditionally made filter coffee to their customers at a rate everyone can afford. They are really pioneering their name into the future by providing value for money eateries. Snacks like the somasa, vada pav are really delicious and are a definite try. They blend perfectly paired with the coffee to give the feeling to the person trying it. The dishes really complement each other which makes it recurrent place to visit.

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AMBIENCE of Mysuru Kaapi :

mysuru kaapi 05

Since the restaurant is a trucking kitchen there is not much to see for the ambience. The restaurant is transported to the seating area at the Mysore University area where there is adequate seating and clean environment with greenery surrounding the seating area. The foodtruck is transported next to the seating area which makes it convenient for the customers to order and pick up which is self-service.

The mobile canteen in Kukkarahalli is parked in an open place where it is clearly visible and delivers the same taste and same authenticity which is available in the University branch. They provide moveable chairs to seat 12-15people. And the order system is again self service. It is quite astonishing to see how such a small kitchen preparing most of the dishes and serving flavorful dishes to its customers.

This establishment is usually open in the morning and there will be a slow flow of customers. The Decoction and the milk will be constantly being made to maintain the fresh essence.

Things to try in Mysuru Kaapi:

  • Filter Coffee / Mysury Kaapi
  • Masala Chai
  • The Matka Cup (Clay Cup)
  • Masala Dosa
  • Vada pav
  • Aloo Samosa
  • Maddur Vada

The establishment offers two sizes in hot beverages; the medium (Rs. 12) and the large (Rs.25)

The medium would be fine for the person who is happy with drinking half a regular cup. The large pertains to the person who likes to drink a whole regular cup of coffee/tea. Some of the dinners buy the large cup of coffee and make it into a by-two, which is dividing the one cup of coffee into two. 


mysuru kaapi 04

The Mysuru Coffee is a fine establishment which believes in the new age Food truck delivery system, which delivers their best tasting fresh coffee to the customers at convenient locations whilst charging them the bare minimum. The Mysuru Coffee is a fast food establishment whose mission statement is fast service and hygienic food. And the food establishment portrays that and continues to making happy customers comeback.

Rating of Mysuru Kaapi:

Beverages: 5/5

Snacks: 3.5/5

Fast food: 4/5

Ambience: 3.5/5


mysuru kaapi 08
  1. Do they provide Breakfast/ Lunch?

A:Yes , they do provide South and North Indian dishes respectively.

  1. Is the Mysuru Coffee Value for money?

A: Yes, the establishment provides the VFM criteria. The Dishes and the beverages are all modestly prices.

  1. Do they provide the traditional mysuru coffee?

A: Yes, the coffee is freshly made, homely and prepared on the spot.

  1. Where is Mysuru Kappi Located?

A:  At several convenient locations. [University Campus, Chamrajpuram Mohalla & Kukkarahalli]

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