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Koragajja Temple is a Hindu temple in the Indian city of Mysore. The temple is devoted to Koragajja,

who is thought to be a manifestation of the Hindu goddess Kali. The temple is an important

destination of devotion for Koragajja followers and is frequented by many people from all across the


The temple is famous for its architectural splendour and serves as a cultural and religious centre in



Address: 7JF2+48, Dattagalli 3rd Stage, Mysuru, Karnataka 570026


Saturday 9am–5:30pm

Sunday 9am–5:30pm

Monday 9am–5:30pm

Tuesday 9am–5:30pm

Wednesday 9am–5:30pm

Thursday 9am–5:30pm

Friday 9am–5:30pm

Famous for Mysore Koragajja Temple

Mysore Koragajja Temple

Koragajja Temple is well-known for its architectural beauty as well as its cultural value. It is a popular

destination of devotion for followers of Koragajja, a version of the Hindu goddess Kali, and is

frequented by people from all over the country.

Mysore is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka famed for its mediaeval palaces and cultural

heritage. The temple is particularly well-known for its religious and cultural activities, which draw big

crowds from the local community and beyond.


Koragajja Temple is devoted to Koragajja, who is thought to be a manifestation of the Hindu goddess

Kali. Kali is a Hindu deity connected with death, destruction, and the birth-death cycle. She is also

connected with empowerment and protection, and her believers regard her as a strong and

aggressive divinity.

Kali is frequently represented in Hinduism as having a black complexion, four arms, and a garland of

human heads around her neck. She is frequently represented standing on top of the deity Shiva, who

represents consciousness, and brandishing a sword and a bowl of blood. Koragajja is worshipped as

a strong and protective deity in the setting of the Koragajja Temple, and followers seek her blessings

and protection.


Mysore Koragajja Temple

Koragajja Temple is in Mysore, a city in the Indian state of Karnataka. Mysore is a city in southern

India noted for its mediaeval palaces and cultural heritage. The city is roughly 150 kilometres

southwest of Bangalore, Karnataka’s capital city, and is well-connected to the rest of the state and

country by road, train, and air.


Mysore is a major tourist destination that draws a large number of people each year who come to

view its famed palaces, temples, and other cultural and historical sites. The Koragajja Temple is

located in Mysore and is easily accessible by public transit or own automobile.

Best time to Visit

The optimum time to visit Mysore and the Koragajja Temple is determined on your own tastes as

well as the sort of weather you prefer. Mysore has a tropical climate, therefore it is hot and humid

all year, with temperatures ranging from roughly 20 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. Summer,

monsoon, and winter are the three primary seasons of the city.

Summer (March to May): The summer season in Mysore is the warmest, with temperatures reaching

up to 40 degrees Celsius. This is not the best time to come because the weather may be quite dry

and dusty. If you don’t mind the heat and want to escape the crowds, this would be a nice time to


Monsoon season (June to September): This season is distinguished by significant rainfall and

excessive humidity. The weather may be pretty nice during this time of year, with cooler

temperatures and decreased humidity, but there is a strong risk of rain. If you don’t mind the

possibility of rain and want to see Mysore in a more lush and verdant setting, this may be a nice time

to come.

Winter (October to February): With good temperature and decreased humidity, winter is the best

time to visit Mysore. During this season, the temperature ranges from roughly 20 degrees Celsius to

30 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for touring and outdoor activities. This is also the peak tourist

season in Mysore, so book your lodgings ahead of time.

In general, the best chance to visit Mysore and the Koragajja Sanctuary relies upon your own

inclinations and the kind of climate you appreciate. Assuming that you favor cooler temperatures

and lower dampness, the cold weather a long time of October to February are the best chance to


If you wouldn’t fret the intensity and need to stay away from the groups, the mid year long stretches

of Spring to May could be a decent choice. In the event that you favor cooler temperatures however

wouldn’t fret the gamble of downpour, the rainstorm time of June to September could be a decent


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What should I offer to Koragajja?

Mysore Koragajja Temple

As a gesture of devotion and reverence, several objects are commonly offered to deities in

Hinduism. The precise goods presented to a particular god might vary depending on local traditions

and the devotee’s personal preferences.

In the setting of the Koragajja Temple, worshippers are likely to make a range of offerings to the god.

Flowers, incense, fruits, sweets, and other objects deemed auspicious and acceptable to the god

might be included. Devotees frequently give money or other material gifts as a show of support for

the temple and its operations.

If you intend to make an offering to Koragajja at the Koragajja Temple, it is a good idea to

understand local traditions and the exact things that are commonly donated to Koragajja. You may

also wish to contact with the temple’s priests or other employees for advice on proper offerings. The


most crucial component of any giving is the purpose behind it, and that goal should always be one of

devotion and respect.

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Is it okay to visit with family?

Mysore Koragajja Temple

Yes, it is normally OK to bring your family to a temple. In Hinduism, temples are regarded as sacred

places that are accessible to worshippers of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. It is customary for

visitors to temples to observe specific codes of behaviour, such as wearing modestly, taking off their

shoes before entering, and acting with reverence.

It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the regional customs and traditions before travelling to

the Koragajja Temple with your family and to abide by the standards of behaviour that are unique to

the temple. For advice on how to be ready for your visit, you might also wish to talk to the priests or

other temple employees.

Overall, taking your family to a temple may be a significant and enlightening experience, as well as

an opportunity to learn more about the local culture and religion. While visiting, remember to be

respectful and conscious of the temples norms and practises.

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