Achakanya falls, Shimoga – The hidden gem


Achakanya Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka state in India. The falls is a popular tourist destination and can be reached by trekking from Shimoga. The waterfall is located on the Shimoga-Karnataka state border. The falls is about 10 km from Shimoga and can be accessed by hiring a caddy.

The caddy will take you to the falls and will then lead you back to the starting point. The trekking is moderately difficult and takes about 2 hours. The falls can be reached by following a track that leads up to the falls. The track is well maintained and is easy to follow. The falls is a beautiful sight and is definitely worth a visit.

Achakanya Falls Shimoga can be reached by car or by train. Achakanya Falls Shimoga can also be reached by a cable car.


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Achakanya Falls is a popular tourist destination in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. The falls are located on the Shimoga-Tirupati highway, about 17 km from Shimoga town. The falls are part of the Waghala river and are considered to be among the most beautiful in Karnataka. The falls are fed by the Shimoga river, a tributary of the Tungabhadra.

Shimoga is noted for its coffee, textiles, and handicrafts. The falls are a short drive from the town. The visitor can take a walk to the falls, or hire a taxi or a rickshaw to take them there. The falls are also a popular spot for photographers.

The Achakanya Falls Shimoga is a set of 25 waterfalls on the Shimoga River in the state of Karnataka, India. The falls are located in the Achakanya Wildlife Sanctuary. The falls have a height of 128 m and a drop of 45 m.

The Waterfall is situated close to the town of Aralasurali which lies around 10 km from the town of Thirthahalli in the Shimoga area of Karnataka State.

The Waterfall is framed by the river Sharavathi when it takes a magnificent jump among the thick woodlands of Western Ghats. The dynamite fall has a level of around 6 to 7 feet.

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The best opportunity to visit the Achakanya Falls is during the blustery season when the waterfall should be visible in its full brilliance. Thus, arranging an excursion to the waterfall during the long periods of July to October is better.

The little yet brilliant Achakanya Falls is a marvel to watch. During the storm season, when the water spouts down with full power, the waterfalls turn into an interesting sight to watch. Encircled by vegetation on all sides, the flood of white water makes a charming perspective for guests.

The waterfalls are stowed away from view as it is situated inside the thick woods scope of Western Ghats. Any individual who needs to arrive at the waterfalls should trip to the spot and experience the excellence of nature in such an immaculate structure.

Best time to visit the Achakanya Falls, Shimoga

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The best time to visit the Achakanya Falls is during the rainy season when the waterfall can be seen in its full glory. So, it is better to plan a trip to the waterfall during the months of July to October.

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Trekking or Traveling to the Achakanya Falls, Shimoga

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Achakanya waterfall is an incredible objective for travelers. Arranged in the woods, the waterfalls present a test to the travelers to track down. There are no undeniable ways or courses to arrive at the waterfalls. One needs to either track down the way through the timberland or take the assistance of local people to find the site.

No billboards referencing anything about the waterfalls can be tracked down while heading to the site. Thus, finding the waterfall is a piece troublesome.

In any case, the great perspective on the waterfalls and the encompassing regions merit the work of traveling to the site. As a matter of fact, journeying to the waterfalls can be involved as the trip course continues through the backwoods and gives a chance to notice the different vegetation of the district from short proximity.

A few assortments of birds can likewise be spotted while journeying across the vegetation.

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Attractions close to the Achakanya Falls, Shimoga

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There are a few other vacation spots spread out in the region encompassing the Achakanya Falls. A couple of such attractions are:

Kuppalli is an exquisite town situated a good way off 18 km from Thirthahalli. It is the origination of the renowned Kananda artist and writer Kuvempu. Kavishaila and Kavimane are two verifiable spots to be seen in Kuppalli.Information for visitors

Ambuthirtha is the origin of the waterway Sharavathi. It is situated in the mountains a good way off of around 5 km from the waterfalls.

Tunga Bridge is an interesting formation of Sir. M. Visvesvaraya, built across the Tunga River. It interfaces Thirthahalli to a spot called Kuruvalli. The scaffold is in excess of 100 years of age and looks like the harbor span at Sydney.

Sri Rameshwara Temple is a renowned strict site of Thirthahalli. The sanctuary remains on the banks of the stream Tunga. The sanctum sanctorum of the sanctuary comprises a Lingam which is accepted to have been introduced by Sage Parashurama himself.

Anandagiri and Siddeshwara Gudda – These are two slopes that stand monitor over the Thirthahalli town. The initial one is called Anandagiri Gudda and it is situated on Shimoga Road. The subsequent one is called Siddeshwara Gudda and it is situated on Agumbe Road. Both slopes present awesome perspectives on the encompassing regions from the culmination.


  1. There are no food stalls near the Falls, so it’s always better to carry your own packed food. Make sure not to make the place dirty and be a responsible traveler and natural life and greenery preserver.
  2. Make sure to start the day early to trek toward waterfalls. As there are no accommodations nearby, better to reach back safely. The closest place for descent hotels should be Thirthahalli.

How to reach Achakanya Falls, Shimoga

To arrive at the Achakanya Falls one needs to go to Shimoga first. There are a few methods for transport to arrive at Shimoga from different pieces of Karnataka.

By Air

The closest air terminal to arrive at the town of Aralasurali or the waterfalls is the Mangalore International Airport.

By Rail

The town of Aralasurali isn’t associated with rail lines. The closest rail line station is situated in the town of Shimoga which stands a good way 60 km from the town. The Mangalore Rail Way Station is a significant rail route station that is arranged a ways off 124 km from Aralasurali.

By Road

There are no immediate transports that work between Bangalore and Aralasurali. In any case, Bangalore has successive transports for Shimoga. There are transports that interface Aralasurali town to a few towns and towns like Tirthahalli, Sringeri, Shimoga, and so forth. From Aralasurali village one has to trek the distance to the waterfall. Private vehicles can be hired to reach the village of Aralasurali. The private vehicles can reach a little more inside the forest but the last kilometer to reach the waterfall is a trekking route and has to be covered on foot.

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