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Unplugged Cafe Mysore

Unplugged Cafe Mysore is a fine establishment which is favoring towards the college crowd. The café provides hookah which is the main attraction of the place. The place provides an uptown atmosphere which is pleasant and seating is also adequate. 

The place is usually crowded at peak times; I would suggest you have a booking in advance. The establishment provides indoor and outdoor


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The cafe makes comfort food which feels very homely and tasty. The establish has a very simple menu which makes it a very easy process for the restaurant staff and they have experienced people to handle the hookah and its flavors. Hookah’s flavors are very smooth and soothing. People tend to spend a lot of time at the café enjoying and having a great time.

The food service can be improved because of the lack of staff.  

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The establishment does not provide alcohol but smoking is permitted at the venue. The café conducts open entertainment like music play, solo, and group singing. The Starters of the restaurant are mediocre; they are good in quantity but okay tasting. The main courses which are however are best tasting and tummy filling dishes. The must try dishes are the pasta and finger chips.

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The café is a wonderful place to spend time with friends and even family. The indoor seating might be a problem for nonsmokers because the room will be filled with smoke which might make them uncomfortable. The outdoor seating on the other hand is airy and comfortable for everyone.

Hookah lovers must visit this establishment can have amazing and guaranteed fun.

The Unplugged Cafe Mysore is a growing establishment that requires more recognition and support.

For hookah lovers who want homely food at a very affordable rate, I would blindly suggest the Unplugged Cafe Mysore.

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