Alaknanda Cruise in Varanasi

Overview of Alaknanda Cruise in Varanasi

Journey ships are enormous traveller ships utilized for the most part for travelling. Dissimilar to sea liners, which are utilized for transport, journey delivers ordinarily leave on full circle journeys to different ports of call, where travellers might go on visits known as “shore outings”. On “travels to no place” or “no place journey”, voyage ships make a few night trips there and back without visiting any ports of call.

Alaknanda Cruise in Varanasi present-day journey ships will generally have less frame strength, speed, and readiness contrasted with sea liners. Nonetheless, they have added conveniences to take care of water vacationers, with ongoing vessels being depicted as “gallery loaded drifting condos”.

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Touring voyages through the 84 Ghats, or Day-long visits with shore journeys, you can appreciate cruising with companions, family or solo. Moonlight Dinner Cruise, or the yearly Dev Deepawali festivity, we offer you an exceptional encounter that could only be described as epic. Birthday/Anniversary festivity or undeniable Destination Wedding, we’ll make your extraordinary occasion totally remarkable! For strict functions or corporate occasions, we have tailor-made answers for every one of your necessities. All of this with the solace and well-being of our extravagance Cruise vessels and Alaknanda Cruiseline invite you to Kashi.

About Alaknanda Cruise in Varanasi:

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The first absolute originally cooled, luxury stream venture on the grand stream Ganga in Varanasi. Alaknanda Cruise in Varanasi journey visit shows every one of the ghats of Kashi. Condition of craftsmanship twofold story vessel with AC lower deck and rooftop covered open upper deck. Couch seating for 60 pax, video narrative on LED TV, consistent light instrumental music, and guide. Free filtered water, tea/coffee cookies. Locally available bio-toilet, safe and secure.

Varanasi Luxury Cruise:

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In the heavenly city of Varanasi, aside from partaking in the tranquil and profound feeling of its ghats, you can partake in a ride on the extravagance journey called Alaknanda. The extravagant voyage administration in Varanasi was initiated in the long stretch of September 2018. Before the presentation of the journey, both local people and sightseers were accustomed to seeing boats (both mechanized and non-mechanized) on the waters of the river Ganga. This is whenever a lovely-looking extravagance’s first voyage will clear its path through the blessed waters.

Varanasi is quite possibly of the most visited strict objective in India, on account of its noteworthy ghats, magnificent sanctuaries and the unmistakable kind of the actual city. It is quite possibly of the most established ceaselessly possessed city on the planet, making it significantly more entrancing as a well-known place of interest in India. It is the river Ganga however, which loans the city its personality. To be sure, the city and the stream have become inseparable from one another. A large part of the day-to-day existence in the city spins around the Ganga, and it tracks down areas of strength in the ordinary discussions and way of life of individuals.

An introduction to Alaknanda Luxury Cruise:

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The extravagant traveller voyage Alaknanda was begun at Khidiya Ghat in Varanasi in the long stretch of September 2018 by the UP-CM Yogi Adityanath. With its send-off, it turned into the principal extravagance voyage in Varanasi to take sightseers on a ride around the 84 ghats around here. It is 30 meters long and can oblige up to 110 travellers at some random time.

The two-layer Alaknanda Cruise in Varanasi luxury ship was begun by Nordic Cruise Line, a new business situated in Kolkata. Varanasi is considered a part of the top travel locations of Uttar Pradesh, because of its legacy, history and culture, and the presentation of this extravagance journey by Uttar Pradesh the travel industry will upgrade its fame significantly further.

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Features of the Alaknanda Luxury Cruise Varanasi

  • Double Decker Luxury Cruise Liner
  • Luxurious Seating Facilities
  • Navigational System & Safety Features

How to Book:

Evening Tour

  • Voyage visit through every one of the 84 Ghats (Ravidas Ghat to Raj Ghat and back)
  • Ganga Aarti Darshan at Dashashwamedh Ghat
  • Span – 1hr 30min
  • Rewards – Tea/Coffee, treats and mineral water (chargeable in Bhagirathi)
  • Ticket cost – beginning from Rs. 500/ – Per Person (kids under 2 years of age permitted liberated from cost)
  • Pickup/Drop point: Ravidas Ghat (close to Lanka)

Morning Tour – Legend of Kashi

  • Voyage visit through every one of the 84 Ghats (Ravidas Ghat to Raj Ghat and back)
  • Pay attention to the narrative of Kashi and its Ghats (in English and Hindi)
  • Length – 1hr 30min
  • Rewards – Tea/Coffee, treats and mineral water (chargeable in Bhagirathi)
  • Ticket cost – Rs. 900/ – Per Person (kids under 2 years of age permitted liberated from cost)
  • Pickup/Drop point: Ravidas Ghat (close to Lanka)

Here is all you really want to be aware of the Varanasi-Chunar voyage ride:

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  • Visit Timing: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Boarding Point: Ravidas Ghat/Ravidas Park Entrance, Nagwa, close to Lanka, Varanasi.
  • Ticket Price: ₹ 3000/ – per individual (comprehensive of all expenses).

There will be breakfast, lunch, and night snacks alongside unrecorded music. Simultaneously, the expense of visit, ticket and guide of Chunar and Shultankeshwar Mahadev is additionally remembered for the complete toll.


  • Varanasi Cruise, S10/50, Maqbool Alam Rd, opp. Govind Sweet Hukulganj, Khajuri Colony, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221002

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