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Arsenal looks to be on course to keep dreaming of the Premier League title after it beat Manchester United 1-0 at the Old Trafford Stadium, taking it to the top of the standings, on Sunday.

Unlike last season, where the Gunners lost the top spot eventually to see Manchester City run away with the title in the last weeks, the win meant the title might be decided on the final matchday.

The Gunners last won the Premier League in 2004 under Arsene Wenger but have undergone an optimistic change under the Spanish manager Arteta, reaching the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League after 14 years, this season.

Arsenal’s biggest competitor this season, too, remains Arteta’s previous employer Man City, which is second in the standings with one game in hand.

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Arsenal plays its final game against Everton on May 19 while Manchester City plays Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United on May 15 and 19, respectively.

Even if Arsenal wins its final game, its title hopes will depend on City’s results too.

What happens if two clubs end up with the same points?

If any clubs finish with the same number of points, their position in the Premier League table is determined by

  • Goal difference
  • Number of goals scored
  • The team who collected the most points in the head-to-head matches
  • The team with the most away goals in the head-to-head

How can Arsenal win the Premier League this season?

Scenario 1: Arsenal wins its last game

Arsenal will end the season with 89 points and Man City, which has 85 points, will have to get a maximum of three points from its next two games. That would mean City must draw both games, against West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur, or win one and lose the other.

If City wins one and draws the other, both Arsenal and City will have equal points and the team with a higher goal difference would win the title.

Scenario 2: Arsenal draws its last game

In that case, Arsenal will end the season with 87 points and City will have to get only one point from its next two games for the Gunners to win the title comfortably. If City draws both games, even then, Arsenal can win the title, provided it has a better goal difference.

Scenario 3: Arsenal loses its last game

In that case, Arsenal would have to depend on City’s poor results to have a realistic chance of winning the Premier League title. If City loses both its matches, Arsenal would clinch the title.

Also, it City gets a draw and a loss in its remaining games, both teams, City and Arsenal, wold get level on points and the side with a higher goal difference would secure the title.