The UEFA Champions League 2023-24 final between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund was paused for a few seconds early on after kick-off because of security concerns dur to pitch invasions.

Shortly after kick-off, there were two pitch invasions, with the first one being a guy in a black shirt taking the pitch and then clicking a photo with Vinicius junior as Edin Terzic looks annoyed with the sudden stoppage of the game.

Seconds later, another pitch invasion took place, with a guy in white shirt running into the pitch with the words “Mellstroy” printed on it. As the players looks surprise, he ran across the pitch and then did the ‘SIUU’ celebration, the trademark of Cristiano Ronaldo after he scores a goal.

The invader was eventually surrounded by the stadium security and pushed out of the venue.

Pitch invasions in major football tournaments, however, are not a new thing. During the FIFA World Cup 2022 game between Portugal and Uruguay, a pitch invader named Mario Ferri had taken the field holding a rainbow flag and wearing a Superman T-shirt with messages “Save Ukraine” and “Respect for Iranian women”.