All India Football Federation Executive Committee has approved the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) Policy on Wednesday.

The policy is to be implemented with immediate effect.

Based on the PoSH Act 2013, the AIFF PoSH policy is aimed to ensure a safe and inclusive environment within the football fraternity.

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AIFF Acting Secretary General, M Satyanarayan said, “The need for a PoSH policy exclusively for the AIFF staff was much needed. We have drafted this by taking policies as per the PoSH Act of 2013 and the policies in a few other organisations as well and incorporated them into our policy.

“Our PoSH policy has been designed in a way that it can be altered and adapted as we go forward. Along with this, we have also planned to have an expert on the PoSH policy to address our staff at least three times a year to keep reminding them of it. It is essential, especially for our junior and women’s teams,” he said.