Shree, Aditya and Manav are three friends who are Blind, Deaf and Dumb respectively… They are financially broke with a long list of creditors behind their back… To get rid of their financial problems they decide to start a detective agency. They believe when God takes away one ability, he

Maria approaches Lady Police Inspector Aaliya Sawant to help her with her case. But Aaliya advises Maria not to waste her Time & Money fighting the case, as all papers are legit. So, with no option left Maria gives the case to the trio, even though she doesn’t trust them. Now the trio with their special skills, devise a plan to get the ancestral property back. A borrowed necklace from the downtrodden Nawab, Fake websites, Antique statues, Hidden treasure, Multiple get ups, A down and out Maharaja, A LEGENDARY story all is brought together by Shree Adi Manav to give it back to Ganesh Dsouza, in his own style… Will Ganesh Dsouza, be exposed? Will Aaliya get to Shree Adi Manav before they get to Ganesh Dsouza? Will Maria get justice? And most importantly will Shree Adi Manav succeed as DETECTIVES?

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