Aligarh Muslim University announces a seminar on “peace” to choose the “world peace leader” Prof. Tariq Siddiqui and Prof Najma Siddiqui, head of Urdu and English department respectively are suppose to judge the event, this is a very interesting couple who always fight each other like they say “वह इसलिए

Mr. and Mrs. Siddiqui’s favorite students Kabeer and Saima are chosen to attend the attendees of the seminar and take care of the university’s hospitality. Kabeer and Saima are in love with each other madly, Kabeer is a hostler while Saima is a local student and her mother is mad to know if Kabeer is “Kabeer Singh or Kabeer Khan”.

Kaira Singh and Aryan Khanna have also come to participate in the seminar, both of their universities have sent them to win the peace award for their respective ideals And their win or loss will decide their career in the university. That’s why winning an award is a “do or die” situation for both of them. Coincidentally the management makes them stay in opposite rooms in the same guest house. Although Aryan starts liking Kaira at first sight but a bittersweet battle begins between the two from the very first submission, both of them try their best to make their masters win the world peace leader award, And the fight continues on and off the stage until Kaira finds her Mr. perfect in Aryan.

Crazy in love with Aryan, when Kaira goes to propose to him, Aryan is on the phone with his friend planning to get Kaira into bed.

Suddenly Kaira’s life also starts looking like her mother’s, she decides that now there is no place for Aryan in her life and she also expresses her hatred in front of Aryan and says that You only believe in togetherness while for me, commitment is more important than togetherness. “जो मुझे पहली बार छुएगा मैं अपना आख़िरी स्पर्श भी उसे ही दूँगी” And you are not that one. from here begins the battle of two philosophies between two lovers. While Kaira is adamant that if there is love then we will have to stay together for life, while Aryan believes that as long as there is love, we will be together, love is over, togetherness is over.

Let’s see, in our movie “Pyar Ke Do Naam” which of these two views of love wins, which name wins among the two philosophies of love,

togetherness vs commitment.

Kaira Singh vs Aryan Khanna

India vs South Africa

Gandhi vs Mandela

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