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Location: 4, Kengal Hanumanthaiah Rd, Bheemanna Garden, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027


Sunday                   12pm–1am

Monday                 12pm–1am

Tuesday                 12pm–1am

Wednesday           12pm–1am

Thursday                12pm–1am

Friday                     12pm–1am

Saturday               12pm-1am


Cafe Bangalore

Café Bangalore is a restaurant which portrays excellent vegetarian food with impeccable service which really gives a good vibe to the customers. The Café Bangalore provides the best veg food in the whole country making it a definite visit. This café makes it ideal for Vegetarians to have a delight with the twists the menu has to offer. Classical dishes given the modern twists which is the real outstanding breakthrough of the Café Bangalore. Although there are many multi cuisine café Bangalore has to offer. But this is class apart.


Cafe Bangalore

The Bangalore Café is an amazing place to feast on vegetarian food with the best atmosphere available in Bangalore. It is easily accessible because it is located at the prime of the city. The eatery is located on Kengal Hanumanthaiah Road, easily accessible to people around all parts of the city. The restaurant has many varieties of dishes to choose from and one being better than the other.

The different cuisines are the best part of the Café Bangalore making it a really interesting thing. The multi cuisine restaurant makes it really difficult to pick one dish, but it surely does satisfy everyone’s needs. Although the menu is a bit lengthy, it does not let down anybody and does not get boring as every dishes it offers is different and unique. Which makes the Café Bangalore a fantastic way to have a blast on Veg Feasting


Cafe Bangalore

The Bangalore Café is located on the Kengal Hanumantaiah road in Shanti Nagar. A Multistory building housing the fine café makes it easily accessible. The restaurant has the wooden décor with modern touches making the institute into a best of both worlds feeling. This is one of the Café Bangalore has proudly sheltering.

The multi story eatery makes it easy for a huge crowd to get accommodated and promises the best time for its customers. The Restaurant has groovy music playing at all times which really enhances the experience of the customer.

The wooden furniture and adequate seating placed is the best and any customer would love to spend their time in this Institution.

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Cafe Bangalore

The food the establishment delivers is really unique and a definitely must try. The cuisines offered by the institution are North Indian, Italian and Continental. All the dishes made here can be customized to the customers liking. Spice and special ingredients can be added or removed as per the customers.

The establishment makes it a point in making delicious vegetarian food and keeping the stomach at a light feeling. The Café Bangalore is one of the best places to head for tasty and satisfaction which no Café in Bangalore can offer. The authentic ingredient used makes the dishes very special and make it very tasteful till the final bite.

The main USP of the restaurant is the Thai dishes the Café Bangalore offers. It is very unique and special experience you will surely have an in hindered experience to the best. The Fusion of historic dishes with modern twists is really an extraordinary affair.

Every person visiting this Café Bangalore will be in dilemma of what to order and which course to enjoy with their taste buds. The Menu is a fantasy containing many of the ordinary dishes which have a different completion with tasty twists which are just bliss to try at the Café Bangalore. The authentic modernized dishes use richly decorated items to give a premium feel to most of the dishes.

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  • Chatpate Cones
  • Wild Mushroom and Sweet Potato Soup
  • Thai Laska Soup
  • Sinful Moment
  • Tandoori Cigars
  • Bharela Cheese Pot
  • Anna’s Roast
  • Semolina Crusted Cakes
  • Red Velvet Cheese Balls with House Salad
  • Teriyaki Balls
  • Hummus and Pita
  • Cheese N Mushroom Sandwich
  • Dilli-6-Local
  • Kashmiri Panda’s Special
  • Malai Mushroom
  • Peshawari Kofta
  • Chur Chur Naan
  • Cheese Chilli Naan
  • Great Bowl of China
  • Cantonese Style Noodles
  • Makhani Paneer Biruani
  • Mix Vegetable Sizzler
  • Aglio Olio Pasta
  • Swedish Vegetable Balls Pasta
  • Chef’s Loaded Pizza

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The Cafe Bangalore brings a wide range of multi cuisine to Bangalore. The Cafe Bangalore is the best place to have a muti cuisine escape to other parts of the World with the Premium feel given by the Restaurant. The cafe should definitely be on your bucket list as it fulfils the criteria of being the best multi cuisine Cafe Bangalore. From the streets of Italy to the west coast of the US, this restaurant brings all the places alive on your plate.

 The Cafe Bangalore is the best place to spend your valuable money and make your money’s worth with the best and different dishes which are expressing the Establishments goal to feed people healthy and affordable food.


Starters: 4.5/5

Main course: 4/5

Deserts: NA

Ambience: 4.5/5

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