Wax on, Wax Off

In an apparent attempt to make his Tesla Cybertruck stand out even more on the road, owner Tyson Garvin machine polished his pickup’s stainless steel “exoskeleton” to a mirrored finish, an ordeal that took a whole team an entire week to complete.

And we can’t tell if we’re impressed — or mortified by the accidents this mirror on wheels could cause.

“When we ordered it on Tesla’s announcement day, I knew I was going to polish it that day,” Garvin told Business Insider.

Upon Reflection

Garvin was addressing one of the most reported issues people have been having with the truck: the miserable state it arrives in upon delivery.

“I didn’t like it when I first got it,” he recalled. “It was actually very dirty when I picked it up. It was a very bad delivery experience. And just the look of it — the dull stainless steel isn’t evenly brushed.”

Other owners have already encountered unconventional issues with the strange choice of materials, including what appears to be rust and an owner’s manual that advises against washing its surface in full sunlight.

In short, there’s a good reason carmakers don’t use stainless steel for exteriors. Combine the rolled and carefully bent metal with Tesla’s historically awful quality assurance, and you get the Cybertruck, an up to $100,000 vehicle with some glaring fit and finish issues.

Garvin, who is also known as “The Polishing Guy,” took matters into his own hands, and took it upon himself, alongside three other team members, to shine his entire pickup, a job that took roughly a week and 120 hours of work, per BI.

“It doesn’t have all the porous stainless steel that holds all the oil from your fingerprints,” he told the publication. “The more you clean it, the shinier it gets.”

Image Credit: Tyson Garvin

Image Credit: Tyson Garvin

Fortunately, the tailgate points slightly downward, which means headlights from following vehicles aren’t perfectly reflected, according to Garvin.

Nonetheless, we’d wager that sharing the road with a perfectly reflective car, especially at this size, could be a serious safety hazard. Besides, the Cybertruck has already been criticized for being a pedestrian death trap on wheels.

“Looks cool, but will surely annoy and blind all the other drivers on the road!” one Reddit user pointed out.

“Is this legal?” another user wondered. “Seems extremely unsafe, essentially driving around with mirrors on your car.”

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