And Congress is currently working on a new farm bill, which will have a big impact on the 2nd District. What are your thoughts on the current House Republican plan, and specifically, would you support the controversial proposal to cut food aid for low-income Americans? I’m Chuck Hand, lifelong resident of the 2nd District. I’ve worked side-by-side with the people of the 2nd District, solving problems since 2018. I’ve only seen this man next to me come around when it’s election time. I’ve been wearing tires, slam out in southwest Georgia, meeting with voters, and building relationships in our communities for years now. I’m not interested in debating the issues of the 2nd District with a man who doesn’t even reside in it, especially one who orchestrates attacks on my wife. I’m more concerned about beating Sanford Bishop, representing you, and passing the America First agenda and putting Donald Trump back in the White House. This race is very simple. It’s either 8th District money or 2nd District heart. The choice is yours. It’s the dollar versus the change. This is where I get back in my truck and head back to southwest Georgia, because I’ve got two races to win. Thank you very much. Doug Reardon, you’re not staying, sir? Are you leaving? Okay. May I? I guess we will continue, and I’ll ask Joe.