Given the turbulent economy over the past five years, finding a car that lasts longer than 200,000 miles isn’t a matter of pride — it’s a near-necessity. Thankfully, cars last much longer today than they did years ago, but that doesn’t mean that some used cars don’t outperform new models.

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As Forbes noted, cars from 1970 averaged about 5.7 years and were grounded near the 100,000 mile mark. Today, the average passenger car age is currently around 12.5 years in the U.S., and many vehicles can last between 200,000 and 300,000 miles. That is, if they’ve been regularly maintained throughout their lifespan.

According to Consumer Reports (CR), “Almost any car can make it to 200,000 miles and beyond if you spend enough money on it. The better strategy is to start with a model that has proven to be safe, scored high in our road tests, has a strong reliability track record, and has been properly maintained.”

If that’s true, then why do only 1% of cars built every year make it past the 200,000 mile mark, according to iSeeCars? Certainly, most vehicles die before they reach 200,000 miles because their owners don’t follow maintenance schedules, but some used models are simply built to last.

CR recently came out with a list of the 12 most problem-free new cars, minivans, pickup trucks and SUVs that are most likely to ride past 200,000 miles. With the exception of the Ford F-150, every entry was a Toyota or Honda.

Some brands are truly reliable, but when it comes to used cars, it’s better to take iSeeCars’ analysis of over two million cars produced for at least 10 of the last 20 model years into account. The 10 models that may outlast the average new vehicle are ranked by their highest mileage-achieving cars.

Toyota Sequoia

Wherever you look, be it Consumer Reports or iSeeCars studies, you’re going to find Toyota dominating its reliability rankings. Surprisingly, the Sequoia ranks 1st in iSeeCars rankings and is a good bet to exceed 300,000 miles on the odometer.

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Toyota Land Cruiser

300,000 miles is a lot for any car, but the Land Cruiser is known for its durability, and getting a used model with 1000,000 to 200,000 miles on it shouldn’t discourage any potential buyer from buying one.

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Chevrolet Suburban

With the potential of lasting over 265,000 miles, the Suburban is one of the longest-lasting SUVs, more dependable than its rivals the Ford Expedition, Dodge Durango and Jeep Wagoneer.

Toyota Tundra

Trucks subjected to heavy use are likely to have structural or mechanical problems when they reach high odometer readings, but this consistently good seller for Toyota enjoys a well-deserved reputation for reliability and durability and can rake upward of 250,000 miles easily.

GMC Yukon XL

Ranking fifth overall in iSeeCars’ rankings of the top cars offering the greatest potential lifespan, the Yukon XL can easily last two decades. Per MotorBiscuit, owners of the the giant SUV have reported problems with in-car electronics, power equipment, and body integrity, but rarely with the engine, transmission and fuel system performance.

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Toyota Prius

When will people learn? Economical and reliable, the Prius is simply the best compact car on the market and their batteries are “almost invincible,” per MotorBiscuit. The far-future might be electric, but the near-future is hybrid. CR ranks the Prius No. 1 among all compact cars for reliability, price and customer satisfaction.

Chevrolet Tahoe

RepairPal doesn’t rank the Tahoe particularly high in reliability and repair probability (21st out of 26 for midsize SUVs), but the Chevrolet Tahoe is a mileage eater that will outlast many of its competitors when it comes to lifetime miles.

Honda Ridgeline

“For those who want the practicality of a truck and the performance of a car,” a Ridgeline should last up to 300,000 miles with cautious driving and regular maintenance, said HotCars.

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Toyota Avalon

A used Avalon owner can be assured of at least a decade or more of ownership, said MotorBiscuit. Discontinued in 2022, the durable Avalon consistently ranks as one of the highest-mileage vehicles on the used market.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

This three-row, midsize crossover SUV is notoriously dependable. Barring long-term weather damage, you can expect a Highlander Hybrid to last you at least 300,000 miles and cost you around $489 in annual repair cost per year, according to RepairPal.

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