Newswise — The Federation of State Physician Health Programs, Inc. (FSPHP) announced the recipients of the 2024 FSPHP Board of Directors Service Awards and the 2024 Presidential Recognition Awards on April 17, 2024 during the FSPHP 2024 Annual Education Conference in Nashville, TN.

“Congratulations to the FSPHP 2024 Award Recipients! These exceptional individuals are dedicated to advancing the well-being and professional success of our nation’s medical professionals. Through their unwavering commitment and expertise, they contribute significantly to improving healthcare outcomes and fostering a supportive environment within the medical community,” said Scott Hambleton, MD, DFASAM, Chair of the Mississippi Physician Health Committee and Immediate Past President of FSPHP.  

“All of our esteemed FSPHP Board Members and member volunteers bring unparalleled dedication and expertise to their roles and are committed to advancing FSPHP’s mission to support physician health programs in improving the health of medical professionals, thereby contributing to quality patient care,” remarked Michael Baron, MD, MPH, DFASAM, DAPA, Medical Director of the Tennessee Medical Foundation – Physician’s Health Program and newly appointed President of FSPHP. 

FSPHP 2024 Board of Directors Service Awards

The following members have served as distinguished leaders of the FSPHP Board of Directors during the 2022-2024 term, contributing significantly to the leadership and future direction of the federation.

Michael Baron, MD, MPH, DFASAM, Medical Director of the Tennessee Medical Foundation – Physician’s Health Program


Chris Bundy, MD, MPH, FASAM, Executive Medical Director, Washington Physicians Health Program

Immediate Past President 

Scott Hambleton, MD, DFASAM, Chair, Mississippi Physician Health Committee


Mark Albanese, MD, Medical Director, Physicians Health Services – Massachusetts Medical Society

Northeast Region Director

Paul Earley, MD, DFASAM, Medical Director, Georgia Professional Health Program, Inc.

Southeast Region Director

Laura Moss, MD, Associate Medical Director, Washington Physicians Health Program

Western Region Director

Richard Whitney, MD, DABAM, FASAM, Medical Director, Ohio Professionals Health Program

Central Region Director 

FSPHP 2024 Presidential Recognition Awards

The 2024 Presidential Recognition Awards honor members who demonstrate exceptional dedication and expertise in advancing the mission of FSPHP.

Angela Graham, MPA, former Donor Relations Manager, Colorado Physician Health Program

For her work as the Chair of the Funding Development Committee

Kelley Long, MBA, Executive Director, Ohio Professionals Health Program

For her work as the Chair of the Finance Committee

Lisa Merlo, PhD, MPE, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Florida; Director of Research, Professionals Resource Network, Inc.

For her work in research in the field of physician health


Visit the FSPHP Awards Recognition webpage for more information on the FSPHP award recipients.

The FSPHP 2024 Annual Education ConferenceEnhancing the Effectiveness of Professional Health Programs Through Collaboration: Improving Health and Well-Being was held at the Grand Hyatt Nashville, Tennessee on April 17 – 21, 2024 with 39 and approximately 320 individuals in attendance.

FSPHP announced the newly elected board of directors during its Annual Member Business Meeting held virtually on May 8, 2024.

The newly elected Board Members are as follows:

  • President Elect: Edwin Kim, MD
  • Central Region Director: Richard Whitney, MD, DABAM, FASAM
  • Northeast Region Director: Mark Albanese, MD
  • Southeast Region Director: Paul Earley, MD, DFASAM
  • Western Region Director: Laura Moss, MD


Visit the FSPHP Board of Directors webpage to see the full roster of Board Members and to view their full biographies.

About FSPHP: The FSPHP evolved over 30 years ago from initiatives taken by the American Medical Association, the Federation of State Medical Boards, and state medical societies. PHPs serve as a safe, confidential resource for the profession focusing on outreach, education, and health monitoring for physicians at risk for impairment.  Today, nearly every state has developed a PHP that operates within the parameters of state regulation and legislation.  

PHPs have extensive expertise in monitoring and managing safety-sensitive professionals, including physicians who have recovered from a substance use disorder. Studies that review the long-term model of PHPs confirm physician recovery rates are markedly higher than the general population—even when extended into 5 years or more. One study reports that malpractice risk for those who complete a PHP is lower than for physicians practicing medicine who have never been followed by PHP monitoring. More articles featuring the PHP model, including FSPHP member testimonials and PHP participant stories can be reviewed here: PHP Featured Articles 

The FSPHP is a non-profit 501c3 professional membership association with elected officers and an elected Board of Directors.  FSPHP has the largest membership in history with 50 State Physician Health Program Members, and 314 total members of the association. More information about FSPHP can be found here