Student Stabbed To Death By Fellow Indian In Australia: Was Mediating In Row

The accused are also reported to be from Karnal. (Representational)

New Delhi:

A 22-year-old Indian student, studying MTech in Australia, was allegedly stabbed to death when he tried to intervene in a fight between a group of Indian students, said the victim’s uncle today.

The incident took place yesterday at 9 pm local time in Melbourne. Another student was also seriously injured during the fight.

According to the victim’s uncle, Navjeet Sandhu was “fatally stabbed in the chest” with a knife by another student when he was trying to mediate a confrontation in a rent related dispute between a group of Indian students.

“Navjeet’s friend (another Indian student) had asked him to accompany him to his house to pick up his belongings as he had a car. While his friend went inside, Navjeet heard some shouting and saw there was a fight. When Navjeet tried to intervene asking them not to fight, he was fatally stabbed in the chest with a knife,” said the victim’s uncle, Yashvir in Karnal, Haryana.

The accused are also reported to be from Karnal.

Victoria police department has released images of two persons involved in the stabbing in Ormond in Melbourne’s south-east.

“A search is currently underway for brothers Abhijeet and Robin Gartan, both of Indian descent” says the Victoria Police department

“Abhijeet is 26-years-old and described as being 170 cm tall with a solid build and black hair, Gartan is 27-years-old and is also described as being 170 cm tall with a solid build and black hair”, they added.

The accused are “travelling in a stolen 2014 white Toyota Camry sedan with registration 1ZO 2QW”, according to the Victoria Police department.

“Navjeet was a brilliant student and was to join his family in July for vacations”, Yashvir said adding that the family is in a complete state of shock after the incident.

Navjeet was on a one-and-a-half-year work visa in Australia, according to Yashvir. He also said that Navjeet’s father had sold one-and-half acres of their land to fund his education in Australia.

“We urge the Government of India to help us to bring the body as soon as possible,” said the 22-year-old victim’s uncle.

With inputs from PTI