The video of the incident went viral, and the police have initiated an investigation.

Four men in a BMW chased a car for several kilometres in Delhi’s neighbouring Greater Noida late at night in another incident of road rage. The incident was captured on the car’s dashboard camera, in which a frightened family, reportedly on their way to a hospital, can be heard calling for help.

The incident took place last week on May 2 around 1 am on the Greater Noida Expressway. A Ford EcoSport was overtaken by a BMW sedan driving on the wrong side of the road. The approaching sedan drove past the EcoSport driver’s side from the opposite direction and narrowly missed hitting it by a few inches. The EcoSport driver did not retaliate, but the BMW took a U-turn and began tailing the car.

The driver realized that the car was being chased, and at a Y-junction on the deserted road, the BMW overtook and stopped in front of the EcoSport. Three men got out of the car and started walking toward the vehicle. The road rage victim chose to drive away to avoid any confrontation.

Goons in BMW attacked family at 1 AM in Greater Noida, this is so scary man, also shows the importance of dashcam
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The chase continued, and the victim drove at high speeds. A frightened woman was heard calling someone for help, while another man was giving the driver directions toward their destination, the hospital. Four minutes later, the BMW overtook the vehicle again. The BMW’s co-driver and two passengers in the rear seat got out of the vehicle and charged toward the EcoSport, throwing bottles at them. The victim reversed his car and took a sharp U-turn to escape the situation, which could have escalated further. The driver did not panic and maintained his calm.

The occupants of the EcoSport can be heard saying, “Stop at the police station…stop at the police station.” The incident lasted for 10 minutes on a deserted expressway.

The video of the incident went viral, and the police have initiated an investigation.