Parents Of Indians Who Drowned In Russia Asked Them To Come Out Of Water


Russian authorities said they have recovered the bodies of four Indian students who drowned while swimming in a river. The bodies are being flown to Mumbai and will be later taken to the students’ native places in Jalgaon district.

A fifth Indian student, identified as Nisha Sonawane, was rescued; she is in a critical condition, the Russian internal affairs ministry said in a statement.

The four students who drowned have been identified as Jia Pinjari, Jishan Pinjari, Mohammad Yakub Malik, and Harshal Desalei. The four students were from Maharashtra’s Jalgaon district, the External Affairs Ministry said in a statement.

“All the above (Indian) citizens are students of the Novgorod State University named after Y Mudryy,” the Russian authorities said in the statement.

Jishan and Jia were siblings and hailed from Amalner in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. Harshal Desale belonged to Bhadgaon, also in Jalgaon district.

The students were on a walk along the Volkhov river, when they entered the waters, a university official had said.

“When they entered the Volkhov river, Jishan made a video call to his family. His father and other family members were pleading with Jishan and others to come out of the river waters when a strong wave swept them away,” a family member told local media.

Following the incident, the Indian embassy in Russia issued an advisory on Friday, asking Indians in Russia to be extremely careful while going to water bodies.

“Unfortunate incidents of drowning of Indian students in Russia are taking place from time to time. In such incidents this year so far four Indian students have lost their lives,” the Indian embassy in Moscow said.

It said two Indian students drowned in Russia in 2023, and six in 2022.

“The Embassy, therefore, urges Indian students in Russia to be extremely careful while going to beaches, rivers, lakes, ponds and other water bodies. Students are advised to take all necessary precautions and safety measures in this regard,” the statement said.