'No Goodbyes': Employee Describes Sudden Layoffs Affecting 80% Of Team

The users in the now-viral post expressed feeling guilty over being retained.

A Reddit user (@AnonymousEmployee123) shared a moving post about a recent layoff at his company. A staggering 80% of his team was let go, and the post, which has gained over 9,400 upvotes, details the impersonal way it was handled. The user mentions the lack of opportunity to say goodbye to colleagues.

“There was no last contact between the team,” the user wrote on Reddit. He also highlighted the personal struggles faced by his former colleagues, “My boss has two kids to support, another colleague had recently bought a house and relocated for the job, and someone else had just gotten married.”

The social media user in his post admitted that he was surprised that he was not laid off, given his work habits. “I slack off, do the bare minimum, always take an hour+ for lunch, show up 1/2 days in the office when I feel like it (3 days min required), and I never show up on time,” he confessed. “Crazy how everything unfolded today. This is my first time having stress levels this high at work.”

The users in the now-viral post expressed feeling guilty over being retained. “Them keeping me makes me FEEL like I owe them something… but I still plan on leaving – which makes me feel worse because maybe one of them could have stayed over me. I don’t know what to do at this point.”

See the post here:

It finally happened to me… 80% of my team was laid off today
byu/imrichyourenot inantiwork

His post generated an array of reactions from Reddit users. A user wrote, “You’re probably one of the lowest-paid employees.”

Another user wrote, “This is it. Now they can push the other responsibilities onto you and save a bunch of money.”

“This has honestly been my experience. The secret ingredient is anxiety and Rbf. I always look frantic and serious, and that goes a long way at review time,” the third user wrote. 

“They probably kept you bc perhaps your boss (and others?) was making more money? I know how you feel, but you can’t feel guilty. I’d start looking for a new job immediately though. 8/10 is not auspicious,” the fourth user commented. 

“Ask for a pay raise to stay. You should expect a massive spike in workload and stress,” the fifth user wrote. 

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