'Name All Districts Of Odisha': PM Modi's Dare To Naveen Patnaik

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during a public meeting in Odisha’s Kandhamal, issued a bold challenge to Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. PM Modi urged Mr Patnaik to name all the districts of Odisha without the aid of written notes. This challenge, as PM Modi framed it, was a litmus test of Naveen Patnaik’s intimate knowledge of the state he governs.

“I want to challenge ‘Naveen Babu’ as he has been the CM for such a long, ask ‘Naveen Babu’ to name the districts of Odisha and their respective capitals without seeing them on paper. If the CM cannot name the districts of the state, will he know your pain?” the Prime Minister said.

Highlighting what he perceived as a lack of trust by the state government in the people’s capabilities, PM Modi emphasized the need for transparency and empowerment. He criticized the incumbent administration, suggesting that such mistrust was stifling Odisha’s development potential.

PM Modi spoke about the state’s vast potential for tourism and its significance in the economic landscape. Drawing parallels to historic events like the Pokhran nuclear test, PM Modi underscored India’s capabilities and the need to harness them for progress.

Further addressing the crowd, PM Modi promised to uplift the living conditions of the people, drawing from his own humble beginnings. He rallied for support, portraying the upcoming elections as a pivotal moment for Odisha’s trajectory.

“Odisha offers me immense love and support. I will repay every ounce of your trust by selflessly serving the country. 26 years ago, Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji conducted the Pokhran test today. The nuclear test filled Indians all over the world with pride. That was the first time India made the world aware of its capabilities. Whereas, Congress keeps threatening its own people. They create fear psychosis in the minds of Indians by reiterating, ‘Pakistan is a nuclear power’,” he said.

Odisha will hold Assembly elections and Lok Sabha elections in four phases from May 13 to June 1, with vote counting scheduled for June 4.

In the 2019 Assembly election, Biju Janata Dal (BJD) won 112 out of 146 seats, while Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) won 23 seats and Congress won 9.

In the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the BJD won the majority of seats in the state, while the BJP and the Congress brought up the rear. The BJD won 12 seats, the BJP finished a close second at 8, and the Congress bagged just a lone seat.