Kim Jong Un Handpicks 25 ''Pretty'' Girls Every Year For His ''Pleasure Squad'': Report

Notably, the women are picked based on their looks and political loyalty.

Yeonmi Park, a young woman who escaped from North Korea, has revealed sensational things about the country’s leader Kim Jong Un. According to a report by Mirror, Ms Park claimed that Kim Jong-un picks 25 virgin girls every year for his “pleasure squad”. Notably, the women are picked based on their looks and political loyalty. She further revealed that she was scouted twice for Kim’s ”pleasure squad” but was not selected due to her family status. 

The defector said: ”They visit every classroom and they even go to schoolyards in case they missed someone pretty. Once they find some pretty girls, the first thing they do is check into their family status and their political status. They eliminate any girls with family members that have escaped from North Korea, or have relatives in South Korea or other countries.”

She claims that once the girls are selected, they are made to undergo medical examinations to ensure that they are virgins. During the test, “even the smallest defect” like a minor scar, leads to disqualification. After rigorous testing, only a few girls from across North Korea are then sent to Pyongyang where their sole purpose is to gratify the dictator’s desires.

The squad is divided into three distinct groups, with one trained in massage, and the other in performing songs and dances. The third group has to be sexually intimate with the dictator and other men.

“They have to be sexually intimate with the dictator, and other men. They have to learn how to please these men that’s their only goal,” Ms Park said. 

While the most attractive girls are selected to serve the dictator himself, others are assigned to satisfy lower-ranking generals and politicians. The report further stated that once the members of the squad reach their mid-twenties, their tenure comes to an end. Some of them are often married to the leader’s bodyguards. 

Ms Park explained that the origins of this “pleasure squad” date back to the 1970s era of Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-II who believed that “having sexual intimacy would give him immortality.” However, he died in 2011 from a massive heart attack, aged 70.