'Insecure': Man Slammed For Comment About Marrying Working Woman

Several users slammed the man who shared the post on X.

Marrying a woman who is ambitious, independent and driven adds depth and excitement to every aspect of life. From sharing financial responsibilities to pursuing shared dreams, marrying a working woman means embracing equality, mutual respect and endless support. Many experts have called such a marriage a celebration of strength, resilience and boundless potential. But a comment against such an alliance, shared on social media platform X, is gaining a lot of traction, receiving more than four million views within two days.

The post was shared by a Surat-based user named Vijay Marathe (with the handle @Fintech00), in which he called marriage with highly educated working women “one of the worst decisions” and a “big red flag”.

Reacting to the post, several X users slammed him and actively disagreed with his thought.

“I guess you are looking for a ‘Daasi’ (slave) and not a wife! Your slip is showing,” commented one user. “You don’t have to worry about it because no highly educated woman will even consider you for a second,” commented another.

“Not true in my opinion, it depends on person to person. My wife is well educated and independent, but we respect each other equally. You should actually look for the character and mental health of a person, men and women, before marrying,” a third user said.

Women too joined in. “Not true. When your wife is highly educated & earning to pay the bills, husband can take risk in life to play big. Well earning wife is a big relief to husband who want to study higher, do start ups, own a factory, try business,” commented a user named Messilious.

Others called Mr Marathe “insecure”. But he defended his opinion, re-sharing posts that supported his views. In a follow-up post, Mr Marathe said his views are “spreading like fire” and added that people on social media “are never able to digest facts”.