“No,” Stein said.

McKay suggested Stein had shot Charlise twice, “once to the rear hip area … and to the face”.

“No,” Stein replied.

Stein ‘didn’t give’ Charlise schizophrenia drugs

The court has heard a “toxic” level of the schizophrenia medication Seroquel was found in Charlise’s system, which a pharmacologist said was consistent with it being ingested within six hours of her death.

Stein has given evidence he was medicated for schizophrenia after being diagnosed at 21.

The prosecutor asked: “Did she [Charlise] become quite sick after you gave her Seroquel?”

“I didn’t give her Seroquel,” Stein said.

Barrel ‘empty’ when loaded onto ute

Stein claims he spent January 12 with Charlise and Mutten, during which his partner consumed ice, before the trio returned to the home and Mutten killed her daughter. Mutten has denied the allegation.


Stein has told the jury he was in the shed when he heard two gunshots and then saw Mutten standing over Charlise’s body with a rifle.

He said she demanded he get a tarp and when he returned, both Mutten and Charlise were gone, and there was a 20-centimetre black square that “looked like it had been cut out of the dirt”.

The court has heard Charlise weighed 33.5 kilograms at the time of her death.

The prosecutor noted Stein’s evidence was that he came out of the shed with the tarp to find Charlise, Mutten, the firearm and the dirt were all “gone”.

McKay asked: “Did you look around for the cartridge cases?”

“No, it was at night … wouldn’t have found them anyway,” Stein said.

Stein said he went into the main house, was shaking, cried, smoked a joint, and fell asleep.

He said the next day, on January 13, he loaded a barrel onto his red Holden Colorado ute as he had planned to take it to his caravan where he was undertaking renovations.

“It [the barrel] was completely empty, from my knowledge,” Stein said.

He claims Mutten called while he was at Bunnings that afternoon and said Charlise was “with” him. He said he did not understand what she meant and put it down to just her “ice talking”.

He said it was not until later that night, when he fixed the ratchet straps and tarp on the back of his ute, that he discovered Charlise’s body inside the barrel.

Justin Stein drove his red ute across Sydney. Police say the barrel with Charlise’s body was in the tray.

Justin Stein drove his red ute across Sydney. Police say the barrel with Charlise’s body was in the tray.Credit: NSW Police

The prosecutor asked: “Do you just assume that at some time, whilst Kallista was out of your sight, the body ends up in the barrel?”

“Yes,” Stein replied.

Stein has admitted to disposing of the body in the barrel by the Colo River, claiming he “panicked”.

Buried gun not murder weapon, accused claims

The court has heard a .22 calibre BSA bolt-action rifle with Stein’s fingerprint on it was among guns and ammunition excavated by police on a Mount Wilson fire trial in February 2022.

Asked whether he had “buried the firearm” allegedly used to kill Charlise, Stein said, “No, those firearms had been buried for quite some time.”

The jury has heard the excavated rifle was among two firearms stolen by Stein and Mutten from a Mount Wilson home in August 2021.


Stein claims Mutten used a different .22 calibre rifle to shoot Charlise, that he had left beside his bed, and that the weapon had come from a break-in at Penrith.

In response to the prosecutor’s suggestion that there was “no break-in at Penrith” with Mutten involving a stolen firearm, Stein insisted, “No, it happened.”

McKay put to Stein that he had “used a .22 firearm” to kill Charlise.

“I didn’t shoot her,” Stein said.

The parties will give their closing addresses on Wednesday at the trial before Justice Helen Wilson.

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