'Don't See Any Evidence': Elon Musk Asserts Aliens Never Visited Earth

Mr Musk is willing to consider the idea of alien visitation if there is strong evidence.

Elon Musk recently made an appearance at a panel titled “How to save the human race and other light topics” at the 2024 Milken Institute Global Conference, where he stated that he is not convinced that aliens have ever visited Earth. He added that we could discover “remains of long-dead alien civilizations” if we launch probes into space.

He proceeded to give an argument for his belief that aliens had never set foot on Earth. “And for some reason, a lot of the same people who think there are aliens among us don’t think we went to the moon, which, I’m like: ‘Think about that for a second,'” Mr Musk said, as per Space.com.

The billionaire added that there are thousands of broadband spacecraft that SpaceX operates in low Earth orbit, however, he has not seen any evidence of either extraterrestrial life or UFOs. “I’ve not seen any evidence of aliens. And SpaceX, with the Starlink constellation, has roughly 6,000 satellites, and not once have we had to manoeuvre around a UFO. Never. So I’m like, okay, I don’t see any evidence of aliens,” the SpaceX Chief continued.

However, he stated that he is willing to consider the idea of alien visitation if there is strong evidence. “If somebody has evidence of aliens, you know, that’s not just a fuzzy blob, then I’d love to see it, love to hear about it,” Mr Musk said. “But I don’t think there is.”

The billionaire then expressed worry about the future of mankind, stating that even if an ancient society could have survived for a million years, it should have been able to colonise and explore the whole Milky Way galaxy. He added, “So, they haven’t, so why not? I think the answer might be, probably, is that that civilisation is precarious, and rare. And that we should really think of human civilization as being like a tiny candle in a vast darkness. And we should do everything possible to ensure that that candle does not go out.”