Delhi Boy Sexually Assaulted By Classmates With A Stick, Intestine Damaged

New Delhi:

A student at a Delhi school was beaten and sexually harassed by his classmates, police said. The Class 8 boy was hospitalised for nearly a month after the incident and has just come back home, his mother said.

Recalling the traumatic events, the mother recounted how her son complained of stomach pain, prompting her to rush him to the hospital, where the true extent of his ordeal was revealed. Initially skeptical of the doctor’s diagnosis, she was forced to confront the horrifying truth when her son regained consciousness after surgery and disclosed the heinous details of his assault.

The nightmare unfolded on March 18 when her son was lured away from class under false pretenses, only to be ambushed by a group of his peers who subjected him to relentless physical and sexual abuse.

“All the children together beat my son and then took off my child’s clothes and hit him a stick. A stick was inserted in him which damaged his intestine,” the mother said.

Threatened with further harm if he dared to speak out, the terrified boy remained silent for ten agonizing days, unaware of the gravity of the situation.

Demanding justice for her son, the mother emphasized the need for both school and legal authorities to take decisive action. Seeking a CBI probe, she said that her son wakes up every night in fear.

The doctors have said that the boy will need another surgery after 3 months, as several of his internal organs are damaged.