The Town of Cambridge chief executive Gary Tuffin has announced his resignation after being in the role for a little over a year.

Mr Tuffin started as the town’s chief executive in May 2023, with the town announcing his appointment in February of that year.

He joined the town after a seven-year stint as Town of East Fremantle chief executive.

In a statement released today, the town announced Mr Tuffin has resigned but would remain in the role until August to ensure a smooth transition.

Mr Tuffin‘s appointment at the Town of Cambridge brought an end to a seven-month long search for a chief executive at the local government.

Karl Heiden suddenly resigned as chief executive at the town in July 2022, after only five months in the role.

The town’s infrastructure and works director Kelton Hincks became acting chief executive from Mr Heiden’s departure until Mr Tuffin‘s appointment.

“It has been a privilege to lead a dedicated and talented team, and together, we’ve aided in rebuilding the organisation,” Mr Tuffin said.

“I express my gratitude to Mayor [Gary] Mack for his unwavering support during my tenure as CEO, and his passion for serving our community to achieve progressive, positive and lasting change for the town.”

Cambridge mayor Gary Mack said Mr Tuffin had been an outstanding chief executive.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Gary [Tuffin] and utilising his 23 years’ experience as a CEO to help benefit our town and community,” he said.

Mr Mack said Mr Tuffin had updated internal procedures and policies, increased staff retention, delivered plans, and was instrumental in the town’s first Reconciliation Action Plan in the past 12 months.

Mr Tuffin‘s resignation comes after a recent departure at another western suburbs council, with City of Nedlands councillor Leo McManus announcing he was leaving the local government last week.

The city announced Mr McManus’ resignation after 4pm on Friday, effective immediately.

Mr McManus was first elected as councillor in 2011 and served as the city’s deputy mayor from mid-2020 to October 2023.

Both Cambridge and Nedlands councils have made headlines in the past couple of years, with the state government questioning the decisions made by the elected members.

Last month, Mr Mack’s predecessor Keri Shannon was appointed chief executive at the City of Nedlands, bringing an end to the months-long search for the role.