At NDTV Marathi Launch, Devendra Fadnavis On Need For Unbiased Journalism

Devendra Fadnavis was attending the launch of NDTV Marathi.

Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis today called for a balanced approach while reporting news. Mr Fadnavis was attending the launch of NDTV Marathi, a regional news channel dedicated to serving people of Maharashtra.

He stressed on the need for objectivity and neutrality in journalism and that a news channel’s credibility hinges on its ability to deliver unbiased and accurate information to the public, without succumbing to any external influences or agendas.

NDTV’s foray into Marathi news is a testament to the commitment towards delivering quality journalism to diverse linguistic demographics, the 53-year-old leader said.

He also extended his best wishes to the new channel and the entire media group for embarking on this new venture.

He said that Mumbai is on its way towards becoming the data capital of India while acknowledging the city’s role in India’s economic landscape. “It is evident that infrastructure-led development is shaping the city’s future trajectory,” he added.

Talking about the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, he said the current electoral landscape reflects a notable trend of pro-incumbency, evident in the improved voter turnout observed in the initial phases of the elections in Maharashtra.

However, addressing challenges such as maintaining accurate electoral rolls is crucial to ensure the ease and integrity of the voting process, particularly in migration-heavy cities like Mumbai, he said.

The Deputy Chief Minister emphasised that India could explore implementing measures to incentivise voter participation, akin to Australia’s withdrawal of certain tax benefits for non-voters.